GS 700

  • Rated Power 600W
  • +12V Single-rail
  • >85% Energy Efficiency & 80 PLUS Certified
  • Reliable Power with Active PFC
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation & Soundless Performance
  • Multiple Protections & 3-year Warranty
  • Ultra Durable Covering Shell

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GS700_01 GS 700

GS-700 GS 700

GS700_02 GS 700

rated-1 GS 700
600W stable and continuous power delivers unprecedented gaming experience +12V single-rail to support high-end CPUs and graphic cards
rated-2 GS 700

GS700_03 GS 700

80plus-1 GS 700
Exceeding 85% energy efficiency at 50% load means less heat generation and lower electricity bills
80plus-2 GS 700

GS700_04 GS 700

reliable GS 700
Active Power Factor Correction provides cleaner and more reliable power with lower ripple and noise

GS700_05 GS 700

excellent GS 700
12CM thermally sensitive fan for optimal heat dissipation and ultra silent performance

GS700_06 GS 700

multiple-1 GS 700
Multiple protections to safeguard other PC components CE & CB listed to guarantee quality and safety
multiple-2 GS 700

GS700_07 GS 700GS700_08 GS 700GS700_09 GS 700