Shenzhen, August 30, 2017 – A survey by the Fire Safety Department in China reveals that 30% of fires are caused by power strips problems in the last decade, which has the highest rate in all reasons of fire. Huntkey is a leading global power solution’s provider, and Ferris Liao is Huntkey’s global sales director. The following are some common questions from the survey and answers by Ferris about power strip usage.

Q1: Is it dangerous that sockets spark when plugs plug in or pull out?
A1: The current is very large at the moment when devices are energized, the socket spark because of the contact resistance between sockets and plugs. In this case, we need to turn off the power strip before plugging in the plugs or pulling out the plugs. But if the sockets spark when connected devices are working, it is probably caused by the poor contact between plug and wire, and it may create fires, where we need to handle it immediately. To eliminate the risk of spark, we can choose a power strip with silver contact switch, the silver contact switch is anti-rust and very durable.

Q2: Can I connect multiple high-power electrical appliances to one power strip?
A2: Do not connect multiple appliances to one power strip, it may make the power strip calorific, and affact the power strip’s service life, damage the appliances and cause dangerous fires.

Q3: Will it damage my phone if I charge my phone by the USB ports on power strip?
A3: Most phones have a power management chip inside, the chip can monitor the voltage and electricity of the USB ports. When the voltage or electricity is too high or too low, the chip will report the error and cut off the electricity to protect the phone. Some brands’ power strips have intelligent IC technology on USB ports and can provide electricity according to devices’ needs.

Q4: Does it matter if I plug one power strip to another power strip?
A4: It depends on the quantity and power of connected appliances, if the total power goes beyond the wire’s capacity, the power strip may burn out.

Q5: How do I know whether the power strip is ageing or not?
A5: Here are some features of an aging power strip: the overheating of power strip, the damage of wire, the sockets turning black, loose contact, etc.


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