commensurate with the surging demands for phones’ larger battery capacitance and better performance. However, the fast growth also opens room for shoddy quick phone chargers, following the illicit market phenomena is their unstandardized manufacturing.

Confronting such challenges and opportunities, Huntkey as a world’s renowned company with decades of experience in consumer electronics manufacturing, has been developing its technologies and products to reach all the standards in many aspects. This passage will offer you a glance at Huntkey’s quick phone chargers and why they are available to maintain such quality and efficiency.

The 6 Sets of Technologies Huntkey Applies in Quick Phone Chargers 

Behind the Huntkey high-speed phone chargers are the technologies to support and testify to their efficiency and safety before they go to the market. Here is the presentation of Huntkey’s manufacturing techniques.

1. Potting and encapsulation

It is the final procedure in electronics manufacturing. After being capsulated, Huntkey quick phone chargers will enjoy more robust protection from foreigners, including dust and water. Besides, it can improve the integrity of the electronics in the Charger, bettering its resistance to shock and vibration.

The glue Huntkey adopts in this process is of high quality, which, after solidified, will create a solid cover to prevent electric leakage and damage and improve temperature resistance and insulation. And to realize the top performance of the technique, Huntkey is committed to the following:

  • Practicing dustless workshop management
  • Ensuring the glue filling is evenly distributed with no bubbles
  • Standardizing operators’ actions and dress to minimize the impurities and wrong operation
2. Fire protection

Tugging chargers into the wallet or power strips can bring sparks of fire, which pose potential hazards. To lower the potential risk, Huntkey developed its own fire protection technology. After thousand times of research and tests, the professional team finally gained patent protection.

Huntkey, for the first time, simulates the fire-triggering situations in different frequencies to optimize the internal components and circuit design, increasing the safety features by 75%. Times of optimization ensure that the Charger is not damaged in the abnormal environment of abnormal contact to protect products and personnel.

3. Gold-plated contacts for current carrying

Traditional contacts are plated with nickel or copper, while those of Huntkey quick phone chargers are gold-plated. The innovative approach is to make the USB contacts thicker to withstand 10 thousand times of plugs and unplugging. Moreover, the contact resistance of gold-platted contact is only 15% of another sort, meaning that the plate can slash the possibility of overheating and house melting.

4. Multi-contact electric conduction

The shrapnel in Huntkey quick phone chargers comes with four contacts distributed on the three facades to slow down the weakening of materials caused by repeatedly applied loads and reduce the chance of sparkling. It is the edge compared with most high-speed chargers in the market, which always adopt the single-contact design. 

5. The integrated technology of magnetoelectric planar transformer

The transformer volume has been cut down by 40% because of the clever combination of transformer and electric circuit, allowing exponential growth in the working efficiency of Huntkey quick phone chargers. 

6. Minimize the effect of common-mode noise

Huntkey reconstitutes the design of the transformer and circuit distribution to taper the interference signal among the primary circuit, signal circuit, and the ground to clean the common-mode noise, ensuring the touch sensitivity even in the charging mode. 

Quick Phone Chargers for Recommendation 

Here listed the high-speed phone chargers provided by Huntkey.

100W GaN Fast Charger (2C1A)
  1. Fast charging: the 100W fast Charger can generate up to 100W of power output, allowing a MacBook pro 16″ to be fully charged in less than 2 hours, three times faster than the original chargers.
  2. Safe&reliable: powered by GaN Tech and have been through different tests to ensure their high security and capacitance. 
  3. Compatible: adapting multiple protocols for their wide compatibility to charge a wide range of devices. 
  4. Compact: adopting 3 USB contacts allows 3 devices to be charged simultaneously, which is a great helper when you are outside. 
65W Fast Charger (1C2A)
  1. Coming with 3 ports — 2 USB-A and 1 USB-C
  2. Adopting intelligent chip for fast charging without any harm to the phone battery
  3. Extremely safe to use, considering the top-notch material for resisting fire, damage, and high temperature. 
  4. Enjoying great compatibility


Now you may have an image of the technology behind every Huntkey quick phone charger. And for more information about that, contact us.