In modern technology, we are all highly dependent on electronic gadgets. Whether we get to work or have some leisure, we carry numerous devices wherever we go. For instance, if you are planning a travel with your friends or family, having access to a reliable power source is significant. It’s where a portable power strip comes to the rescue. These lightweight and mobile devices offer convenience and allow you to power multiple devices at once.

Moreover, finding a suitable power outlet can be a daunting task. For this purpose, you need to consider various factors. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of these extension blocks in detail.

How To Choose Qualified Portable Power Strips

When opting for a portable power strip, you must check out various considerations per your travel needs. For example, you should consider their portability, size, voltage, and other features to make an informed decision.


To make an appropriate choice, you need to analyze a portable power strip’s voltage ratings and cord length. You need to check out the wattage requirements of your devices and select the product that can handle the load.

During travel, you may need to charge multiple electronic devices simultaneously. So, ensure that the voltage rating is sufficient to provide considerate support. Moreover, determine the cord’s length to examine how far you can widen your device’s reach from the outlet.

Port Number

Evaluate the number of ports available in the portable power strip. A higher number means that you can accommodate various devices at once. Moreover, you also need to assess the type of AC outlets or USB ports to check their compatibility with your gadget. Check how many devices you are typically traveling with. And choose a portable power strip that offers sufficient ports to charge them.

In addition, if you don’t need separate chargers, look for a power strip with USB ports. It allows you to charge your devices directly through USB cables. Select the product with many USB ports to offer for conducting fast charging.


The availability of the portable power strip depends on your location and access to retailers. For this purpose, research the market or manufacturer websites that best suit your preferences. In addition, the power plug types vary in different countries. So, you need to ensure the availability of power outlets in the particular destination you plan to visit.


Look for a portable power strip with built-in surge protection, overload protection, voltage spikes, and more. It helps you to safeguard your devices from any type of potential damage. Moreover, grounding allows for a safer flow of electrical energy. It provides extra protection against electrical faults.

Voltage Differences in Various Countries

In addition, you need to understand that voltage standards vary in different countries. It also helps you to choose the right product for your vacation. So, when you plan to visit your desired countries, you need to acknowledge their voltage differences to ensure compatibility with your electronic device. For example:

  1. In the United Kingdom, the standard supply voltage is 230 V, and its frequency is 50Hz. The British power strips usually have three rectangular pins in a particular pattern. The associated plug type is G in the UK.
  2. Similarly, Australia operates on 220-240V supply voltage and 50 HZ frequency. The plug type is I, and the outlet features two or three diagonal pins.

In addition, both the US and Canada work on 120V and 60Hz. The power strip in these countries generally has two flat pins, or some are with an additional grounding pin. Type A/B plug is usually used there.

Huntkey’s Portable Power Strips

So, if you are ready to buy a portable power strip, consider the Huntkey power strip collection. We are a leading provider of power products that offer incredible quality. You must get your hands on our following top products.

SMC 307: It is an American standard portable power strip that offers fast charging. SMC 307 offers a long cord with 3AC and 3 USB ports. The product provides all-around protection for your devices.

SCA 207: This product lies in US standard category that integrates a USB C 65W fast charging, two USB A and two AC port 65W fast charger. Its textured design makes it unique and easy to grip. SCA 207 offers universal compatibility with iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, MacBook, and more.


In short, choosing a qualified portable power strip is significant to fulfill your power needs during travels. But to select the right product, you need to consider many factors like wattage, security, power rating, and more. If you are looking for suitable products that fit your needs, connect with Huntkey. We offer a reliable range of power strips to power your electronic equipment during your journey. So, what makes you wait? Order now!