SHENZHEN, China, March 31, 2019-Huntkey, a leading global provider of power solutions, is going to expand its industrial power supply business all over the world.

In the industrial power supply markets, the top ten companies in the industry covered for 83.2% of the markets. Huntkey is one of the famous and professional provider of power solutions, and a representative factory for many international brands based in SZ and China.

Application of Huntkey Industrial Power Supply
Huntkey is a integrated enterprise which includes the reseach and development, production ,sales and trade. And it has a abundant of product line that can provide across-the-board solutions for PC, smart phone, AIO, automation equipment, self-service terminals and other fields.

Advantages of Huntkey Industrial Power Supply
Huntkey has more than 20 years history in exploring of power solutions, and has accumulated experiences in researching skills and the capability in quality and cost control. Within the next few years, Huntkey would like to keep on developing new technologies on industrial power supplies and adapters to create more opportunities for better cooperation and business with its customers.

About Huntkey
Huntkey, founded in 1995 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is a member of The International Power Supply Manufacturer’s Association (PSMA) and a member of The China Power Supply Society (CPSS). With branch companies in the USA, Japan and other areas, and cooperating factories in Brazil, Argentina, India and other countries, Huntkey has specialized in the development, design, and manufacturing of PC power supplies, industrial power supplies, surge protectors, adapters and chargers for many years. With its own technologies and manufacturing strength, 

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