On May 12, the much-anticipated Yunnan Division Finals of the Yuqilin CS2 National College League came to a successful conclusion at the K·Two E-Sports Arena in Kunming. This e-sports feast sponsored by Huntkey not only showcased the e-sports teams of Yunnan universities but also brought a wonderful e-sports visual feast to the audience.

The atmosphere was warm and the audience was enthusiastic and cheering one after another. The “Genius Yunfei” team from Yunnan University for Nationalities and the “No2k” team from Yunnan University of the Arts started an exciting showdown. The presence of e-sports star Yu Qilin, and well-known anchors Eggplant, Jieyou, Jiang Dandan and others pushed the competition to a climax.

With the help of Huntkey MVPLAND series e-sports equipment, the players demonstrated superb e-sports skills and excellent teamwork capabilities. MVPLAND’s “family-friendly” e-sports machine solution includes core products such as [MVP P1200 Platinum Full Module] high-end e-sports power supply, [MVP Apollo Pro Master Edition] e-sports chassis, [MVP Poseidon V360] digital display integrated water cooling and other core products, providing a solid guarantee for players to perform at their best on the field.

After fierce competition, the “Genius Yunfei” team representing Yunnan University for Nationalities finally won the championship. The winning team received the award on the stage, and their wonderful performance won rounds of applause from the audience. At the same time, by participating in online and offline interactive sessions, the audience won the exquisite gift [Charge Bar W68] desktop charging station sponsored by Huntkey, and had close contact with their favorite e-sports idols, feeling the excitement and infinite charm of e-sports.

The successful holding of the Yunnan Station of the Yuqilin CS2 National College League not only provides a stage for e-sports enthusiasts in Yunnan to show their strength but also promotes the spread and development of e-sports culture. As the sponsor of this competition, Huntkey provides strong hardware support to ensure the success of the competition.

With the continuous development of the e-sports industry, e-sports is not only a competitive sport, but also a cultural phenomenon deeply loved by young people. It has received widespread attention and support both online and offline, attracting more and more young people to join it. Huntkey’s high-end game brand MVPLAND: The LAND of the Most Victorious Player, which participated in the sponsorship this time, defines the alliance of the most powerful players.

After 20 years of technological accumulation and a deep understanding of DIY players, the MVP series has won praise from many enthusiast players and has become a partner of domestic competitions many times. In the future, Huntkey MVPLAND will bring more exciting competitions and higher-quality high-end e-sports products to e-sports enthusiasts. Let us look forward to the arrival of the next e-sports feast together!