Shenzhen, China, July 10, 2019 – Huntkey, a leading global provider of power solutions, has released its latest China standard power strip – the SSV607. It is designed with 6 AC sockets and 4 USB ports, as well as a durable cable (about 1.8 meters) and a China standard plug.

The SSV607 has one master switch paired with an indicator to control all outlets, and up to ten devices can be connected to it simultaneously. The body and internal components are made of flame-retardant materials, which makes it capable of withstanding high temperatures of up to 750 Celsius degrees. The built-in copper bars can increase conductivity and reduce heat accumulation to save energy.

To ensure safety, all AC sockets are equipped with one protective-shuttle in case of a finger insertion of a child. It is also CCC listed, i.e., China Compulsory Certification, which ensures high product quality.

Product Specifications:

Outlets 6 AC sockets + 4 USB ports Length (in total) 1.8 meters
Dimensions(mm) 235(L)*80(W)*28(H) Rated Power MAX2500W-MAX10A,250V~
Rated Voltage 250V Rated Current MAX10A
USB Output 5V/3.1A in total

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