SHENZHEN, China, March 5, 2019 – Huntkey, a leading global provider of power solutions, has recently released its dimmable LED desk lamp HL-E100 with 1 LCD screen and 2 USB charging ports.

The lamp looks beautiful. It is sleek, smooth and solid. It produces bright, crisp and non-flickery light suited for working, studying and reading. The lamp features a LCD screen on the front of its body. It is where the alarm clock is displayed, together with the time and date, and it is the reason that makes it a useful item on the bedside table. Below the screen, there are 2 USB charging ports sharing 2.4 Amps of power for the user to charge electronic devices.

Integrated with a touch sensitive dimmer inside, the lamp is steplessly dimmable which allows the user to fully customize the brightness from 35 to 700 lumens by touching the dimmer bar on the base. Apart from brightness setting, the lamp produces flicker-free and anti-glare light to make it more pleasant on the user’s eyes. This means the lamp can be used for a longer time every day with no harm to the eyes.

The lamp is well-balanced and versatile. It’s stable and sturdy where you place it. Meanwhile, it offers a 180-degree lighting angle on its head, as well as a 90-degree lighting angle on the arm. It can be perfectly folded and stretched to the position that perfectly fit for the user’s eyes.

The lamp is durable that it can last for 30,000 hours, which means that the lamp can last for 18 years based on 4.5 hours per day. It is also highly energy-efficient that leaves the user with no concerns about the electricity bills.

Light Source LED
LED Power 8.5 Watts
Input Voltage 100-240Vac
CCT 4000K
Color Warm White
CRI 85
Flux 700LM
Beam Angle 120°
Lifetime 30,000 Hrs
USB Ports Total Max 5V 2.4A
Safety CE, ETL, FCC
Dimensions 190 x 150 x 388 mm
Weight 860g / 30.3oz / 1.9lb