Camarillo, May 7, 2018 — Huntkey announces the release of the Power Transfer Kit for its Nature’s Generator systems. The Power Transfer Kit links your Nature’s Generator system to up to four circuits in your existing indoor breaker panel. The connected circuits will continue to be powered during grid power outage by your Nature’s Generator system. Common circuits to keep backed normally include lights, garage doors, refrigerators and common areas. With the Power Transfer Kit, you don’t have to move big items like refrigerators or get into tight corners to unplug devices from the wall. The Power Transfer Kit can be used for off-grid homes and cabins. What’s best is that the Power Transfer kit can help continually power your most needed devices even when your Nature’s Generator system is your only source of power.

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Power Transfer Kit product packages:
Power Transfer Kit only – available to consumers for $239.99 USD –
Nature’s Generator Gold PE System available to consumers for $1,229.98 USD –
Nature’s Generator Platinum PE System available to consumers for $2,229.98 USD –

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