On January 20, 2022, Huntkey Group published the standard “QCY001-2021 General Technical Specification for Switching Power Supply for Microcomputers” on the enterprise standard information public service platform (https://www.qybz.org.cn/), after evaluation Won the 2021 Enterprise Standard Forerunner Award. Its evaluation agency is Guangdong Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection, and its working agency is China National Institute of Standardization. This honor shows that Huntkey, as a well-known brand in the computer power supply industry, has been leading the industry development in terms of standard innovation and product quality control.

Huntkey Group Won the 2021 Enterprise Standard Forerunner Award

The Enterprise Standard Forerunner system is proposed by eight ministries and commissions, including the State Administration for Market Regulation, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in response to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. A system jointly launched in 2018 with the call for support the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, aiming at improving the level of international standards. Its purpose is to increase the effective supply of mid-to-high-end products and services through the guidance of high-level standards, to support the encouraging policies for high-quality development, and to deepen the reform of standardization work. It plays an important role in promoting the transformation of old and new economic kinetic energy, supply-side institutional reform and cultivating a group of pioneering enterprises with innovative capabilities.

The relevant enterprise standard released by Huntkey Group on the enterprise standard information public service platform is “QCY001-2021 General Technical Specification for Switching Power Supply for Microcomputers”. The product evaluation standard involves 30 indicators such as product performance, environmental adaptability, and electromagnetic compatibility. The standard covers all the indicators of the group standard “Switching Power Supply for Microcomputer System Equipment”. An authorized third-party evaluation agency randomly selects relevant models of products sold in large quantities in the market according to the standard content published on the enterprise standard information public service platform. 6 major indicators of “Switching Power Supply for Computer System Equipment”. A random inspection of a computer switching power supply product produced by Huntkey meets the requirements of the basic indicators, and the core indicators and innovation indicators all meet the requirements of the advanced level, that is, the product meets the first-level requirements. Huntkey Group successfully entered the candidate list of “Forerunner” in the enterprise standard of computer power supply products and obtained the “Forerunner” certificate of enterprise standard.

Enterprise standard “Forerunner” refers to an enterprise whose core indicators of products are at the leading level. Under China’s current dual-cycle economic new pattern and dual-carbon target strategy, the continuous improvement of enterprise product quality can meet the needs of social progress, and evaluation needs more core indicators and innovation indicators to define. As the “Forerunner” of corporate standards, Huntkey has always adhered to the concept of index innovation-driven and standards-led quality improvement in product evaluation, providing better products to meet people’s growing needs for a better life.

When Huntkey Group participates in the drafting and formulation of each standard in China, it will take the opportunity to put forward low-carbon concepts and corresponding indicators for the reference of the bidding committee. Moreover, Huntkey Group actively advocates low-carbon products in product research and development, management, and manufacturing. The purpose is to allow users at all levels to purchase reliable, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly products, and to create more value for users and society. At the same time, in December 2021, at the launch site of Huntkey’s new 100W GaN dual-certified safe fast-charging conference, Huntkey once again announced the “Double-Carbon Practice Declaration” initiative, because “low-carbon technology, environmentally friendly life” is the development concept that Huntkey has long adhered to and becoming a respected enterprise is also the constant corporate culture of Huntkey Group.

Huntkey Groups Double-Carbon Practice Declaration

1. Eliminate waste, live a simple life, save energy, be frugal and virtuous, and be a pioneer in low-carbon life.

2. Adhere to the 135 of green travel and be a practitioner of green travel.

3. Actively publicize, advocate and promote Earth Hour, and be a communicator of protecting the earth.

4. Actively promote the progress and development of energy conservation and emission reduction, and be a promoter of energy conservation and emission reduction.