SHENZHEN, China, June 10, 2020 — Huntkey, a leading provider of power solutions, today announces its Grand Anniversary Sale campaign to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The campaign will last from Jun. 10th to Sept. 10th, 2020, and it is targeted at Huntkey’s distributors by offering them Two Packages of Gifts – special deals and giveaways.

Huntkey 25th Anniversary Campaign

The first package of gifts: Huntkey provides its distributors with special deals on hot-selling products, which cover power supply units (PSUs), PC monitors, power strips/surge protectors and adapters. Distributors who take the deals will enjoy buy-then-get-for-free products or discounted orders, which will not be offered at ordinary times.

The second package of gifts: Giveaways will be offered to distributors in accordance with order amounts. Recently, Huntkey has launched three new products – the USB wireless charger, 30W USB-C charger and USB-C to lightning cable. These products will be provided as free gifts to Huntkey’s distributors. The higher the order amount, the more gifts that distributors can get.

Huntkey was established in 1995. It has developed a wide variety of computer hardware and electronics products after 25 years of innovation. To celebrate the anniversary, Huntkey and its distributors will create as well as deliver value to markets via cost-effective products, meanwhile, they also benefit from the recognition and trust of the markets.

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