SHENZHEN, China, May 30, 2019 – Huntkey, a leading global provider of power solutions, has recently introduced one of its 850W power supplies – the MVP K850 – to Jordanian market. It is targeted at the medium- to high-end market in Jordan, and it is specially designed for game players.

The MVP K850 is 80 Plus Gold rated, featuring an energy efficiency of up to 92% at a typical load, which means that it will consume less power than many other congeneric products that lack an 80 Plus certificate. High energy efficiency can lower electricity bills, and this is an important factor that will affect players’ choice when they’re picking a power supply.

The MVP K850’s rated power is 850W, and it theoretically meets the needs of any PC in the mainstream markets. To support big games and deliver better performance, it is built with the ability to produce a very strong power output of 70.8A via its +12V single-rail, a power output rail responsible for powering CPU and graphic card. The stronger output a +12V single-rail can offer, the better the PC will perform.

It is able to increase functionality by supporting double CPUs and 4 connected graphic cards at the maximum. To avoid a PC’s sudden shutting downs, it supports worldwide input voltages from 90 to 264Vac in case of any voltage instability. It is equipped with a 12cm fan inside, and the fan is not only soundless, but also temperature sensitive, meaning that it can provide a quiet gaming environment, as well as contribute to the PC’s heat dissipation.

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