SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 27, 2020- Huntkey, a leading provider of power solutions, has recently introduced one of its latest PC power supply units (or PSUs) – the MVP K650 to the Vietnam market. The MVP K650 is 80 Plus Gold listed and designed with a rated power of 650W, which is targeted at medium- to high-end markets.

The MVP K650 supports high-end CPUs and graphic cards as it is equipped with a +12V single-rail for 50A DC output. Not only can it offer a high power output, but also reach up to a high energy conversion rate – 92% at the minimum. It is accredited with 80 Plus Gold to increase energy efficiency and lower electricity bills.

It is a full-range voltage PSU, which means it can operate normally under the input voltage from 90 to 264Vac. A full-range voltage PSU is able to flawlessly avoid sudden shutting downs of the PC when a voltage instability happens, and this will protect the PC from component damages. Equipped with Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) , it is capable of delivering cleaner and more reliable power with lower ripple and noise. For more information, please visit:

Model: MVP K650
Rated Power: 650W
Input: 90-264Vac, Full-Range Voltage
Fan: 12cm
Energy Efficiency: 80Plus Gold
+12V Output: 54A (Single-Rail)
PFC: Active
Circuit Design: LLC+DC-DC
Equiped with I/O Switch
Cable: Fully Modular, Support Backward Management
Mainboard Connector: 20+4P
Processor Connector: (4+4-4+4)P
GPU Connector(1): (6+2)P
GPU Connector(2): (6+2)P
Big 4PIN: 3
Certificates: CCC, ROHS
Dimensions: 15086150mm