Shenzhen, China, Jun. 17, 2019 – Huntkey, a leading global provider of power solutions, is offering discounts on its power strips and surge protectors during the’s 618 shopping holiday, one of the most popular and influential e-commerce sales events in China. Consumers who purchase power strips or surge protectors up to 199 RMB can redeem their RMB 100 e-coupons in Huntkey’s online store on, which means that they will get an impressive discount of over 50% off.

By now, there are two popular and nationwide annual e-commerce shopping holidays in China – the “Double 11” (Nov. 11) started by Alibaba and the “618” (Jun. 18) initiated by The “618” shopping holiday is approaching, and nearly all of the sellers are preparing their sales promotions in their online store with a wide range of products discounted in various ways. Huntkey, a renowned electronics brand in China, is also celebrating this shopping holiday by sending out coupons to its customers. The coupons are available at:

During the shopping holiday, everyone who visits Huntkey’s online store on can get an RMB 100 e-coupon, and those who place an order on the selected items with the amount up to 199 RMB can redeem their e-coupon to receive a 100 RMB price reduction. There are approximately 30 selected items, including power strips, surge protectors, wall-mount outlets, desktop outlets, power cables and led desk lamps. All the power strips and surge protectors are equipped with China stand sockets and plugs. They are well designed with reliable quality, and from different series that vary in function, size, cord length and number of sockets.

In addition, there are two models of smart Wi-Fi desktop outlets listed for the shopping holiday, and each one of them is equipped with 3 AC sockets and 3 USB ports for multiple devices’ charging. They can be remotely controlled by an App. What’s more, wall-mount outlets, power cables with a single-hand detachable plug, as well as dimmable LED desk lamps are also listed for the holiday.

“Huntkey is a top-notch player of power strips and surge protectors in China. Thanks to its high quality and elegant design, it has become a well-known brand and gained a great number of loyal fans across the country,” said Ferris Liao, Marketing Director of Huntkey. “Many fans, although they want to shop Huntkey products before, they still wait for opportunities with patience to get what they need with the lowest prices within the whole year.”

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