SHENZHEN, China, February 8, 2021 – Huntkey, a leading provider of power solutions, has recently received the certification as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), which means there will be more simplified and convenient customs procedures for exporting goods.

Huntkey is one of the first and largest companies to obtain this certificate in its product field in China. Obtaining this certificate means gaining ease and agility in the management of customs, as well as priority in controls and minimum inspections. It will benefit both Huntkey’s clients and suppliers.

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About AEO

According to the World Customs Organization (WCO), an authorized economic operator (AEO) is a party involved in the international movement of goods in whatever function that has been approved by or on behalf of a national customs administration as complying with WCO or equivalent supply chain security standards.

Formed to protect global supply chains from terrorism and other threats, AEO programs exist in countries around the world under various names. The U.S. AEO program, for example, is called the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT).

Beyond freight forwarders, AEOs can include manufacturers, importers, exporters, brokers, carriers, consolidators, ports, airports, terminal operators, warehouses, distributors and other organizations.

About Huntkey

Founded in 1995, Huntkey is a leading global provider of PC power supplies, power strips, surge protectors, laptop adapters, phone chargers, monitors and air purifiers. Huntkey is an Asia renowned brand, a member of The International Power Supply Manufacturer’s Association (PSMA) and China Power Supply Society (CPSS). Including three total nearly 1,000,000 square meters industrial parks, Huntkey is one of the most famous brands and largest companies in mainland China. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, with branch companies in the US, Japan and Hong Kong, and with cooperating factories in Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina and India.

In 2020, Huntkey introduces its latest photocatalyst air purifier – the desktop air purifier globally. The desktop air purifier is designed portable and can efficiently remove chemical vapors, odors, haze particles, and many more air pollutants. Check them out via: