SHENZHEN, China, June. 30, 2019—Huntkey, a global leading provider of home automation and power solutions, want to recommend some charging devices for travelers.

It will be frustrating when you find there is no enough chargers to charge your devices when you travel outside. Here we introduce 3 Huntkey products that design for travelers.

1) Charging Cube SMC007

Product Dimension: 2.65*2.65*2.65 inches

Unlike the traditional power strips, the SMC007 is super compact and can be combined to have extra extension. A single cube has 4 charging outlet and 3 USB charging ports that sharing 2.4A of power, you can charge 7 devices at the same time.

Huntkey SMC007 is designed with Smart IC technology, it can auto-detect your devices and provide the maximum charge speed for your devices, ideal for smart phones, tablets, and other USB-powered mobile devices.

Here is the the link to check SMC007 charging cube on Amazon:

2) Wall Mount SMD307

Product Dimension: 4.8*4.1*1.9 inches

Huntkey SMD307 has 3 surge protected AC out lets and 3 USB charging ports that sharing 3.4A of power, you can charge 6 devices at the same time. Like other Huntkey smart power strips, the SMD307 is also designed with the Smart IC technology, with this technology, you can charge your devices with the most fast speed without harming on the devices themselves.

The SMD307 has a sensor nightlight on the top,  it keeps surrounding area lighted in the dark automatically. If don’t like the nightlight? Not a problem, you can switch off the sensor light separately.

Here is the the link to check SMD307 wall mount power strip on Amazon:

3) Charging Station SmartC

Product Dimension: 2.5*2.5*2.15 inches

Huntkey SmartC charging station offers one type-C USB charging port (3A) and four type-A USB charging ports (2.4A), which allow you to charge your different devices at the same time.

The SmartC is designed with changeable charging AC cord, so you can change it to matching the standard where you travel to. The SmartC also designed with an automatic voltage adjustment of 110 to 240 volts. You can charge your devices without adapters, which makes it a perfect travel charger.

Here is the the link to check SmartC charging station on Amazon:

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