Bluetooth speakers

Technology and its advancements have changed the facade of how we perceive it and get benefited from its various verticals. The dimensions of our electronic devices like phones, tablets, and computers have shrunken down and are getting thinner for a better and enhanced experience. With the changing trends, portable Bluetooth speakers are gaining popularity and frankly who doesn’t want booming sound experience. For many people, small speakers give the ample of kick and take up less space and allow a great deal of mobility, unlike the big and heavy speaker equipment that practically requires a mover to transport them from one place to another along with a handyman to ensure all the electrical conditions are met.

Sending an audio file from a source device to Bluetooth speakers is now very basic but connecting various Bluetooth speakers to a single source was completely out of scope  

We’ve long been able to send audio from the source to until now. Many companies like Bose, Ultimate ears, AmpMe, and others have made this achievable. We are surrounded by various Bluetooth equipped devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home and commanding them for the basic activity like turning on/off the lights. Fascinating, Isn’t it?
Here is a how you can stream audio to various Bluetooth speakers with multiple devices and set up mini home stereo systems for a rich audio experience.
Why should you pair your Bluetooth speakers?
Here are some reasons why you might want to pair your speakers and create a mini home theater for yourself.

1. You live in a temporary home/apartment, dormitory, or you tend to move around a lot.
2. You have space constraint and can’t accommodate big floor-model speakers and other required equipment.
3. You are on a lookout for a simple and easy to perform the setup.
4. You want an enhanced audio experience that a single device can’t deliver.
5. You want an excellent 360-degree audio system with stereo sound.

We know two is always better than one. In this case, also, pairing 2 speakers gives you enhanced audio experience than just one. If you are looking for a room-filling sound then connect multiple speakers with a single source and groove with it. But connecting speakers just don’t suffice, the sound quality of speakers matters the most. To ensure rich soundscape choose high-quality devices or else the degraded quality will get amplified by two.
Know all about which speaker brands are pairable?
Several speaker manufacturers are producing pairable Bluetooth speakers that can easily be connected to two or more speakers and even to setups.
UE is one of the leading names in the list of speaker manufactures and has produced several devices like UE Boom2, Roll2, and very popular Megaboom.

The Boom2 is very much efficient and allows the user to easily connect to its UE application and add the speaker wirelessly and then add the secondary UE speaker using its ‘Double Up’ feature for an enhanced audio system.
JBL also uses a very similar kind of connection technology. With its inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity, it allows the user to link various compatible speakers and the quality of these speakers goes by its brand name. JBL offers a wide range of devices with various features, the most popular is JBL Flip4 which is a splash proof device making a great companion for indoor and outdoor parties. JBL Extreme is yet a bigger and better option from the JBL clan. It is one of the most powerful devices and allows the user to build their own ecosystem of various JBL speakers using JBL to connect and provide a worthy ear-pleasing experience. The most fascinating feature of this device is that you can pair and add up to 3 smartphones or other devices to control the speaker system at the same time and have a fun-filled time with your friends. Now every party will have up To 3 DJs.
Like JBL, UE, Sony is also producing speakers that can be paired together into a mini home theater. The SRS-XB lineup is a great pick and has an extra feature of lightning control as its main highlight making it a complete package for a kickass party.
Here is how you can pair multiple Bluetooth speakers together for a great sound experience-
Follow the golden rule of pairing that exclusively requires 2 speakers of the same brand. There are some videos showing hacks that enables you to pair up speakers from different brands together but, it is all subjective and depends on what type of OS you have, the device type and other variables also.

Let us make pairing Bluetooth speakers simpler and easy for you with the following list-

  1. Turn on your speakers.
  2. Find and press the ‘pairing’ button on the device and pair it up with your phone. Make the connection active.

Some systems are connected via an app, but some, like JBL, emits an audible tone upon connecting with another speaker.
Using your Bluetooth speakers collectively for stereo sound
Advanced models like the JBL Flip and SRS-XB by Sony have a choice that enables the user to turn your system into a stereo set by simply splitting the left and right channels. The only prerequisite of this feature is that your device must be stereo enables and fully functional.
Read this if you are looking for an Upgrade option for high-quality pairable Bluetooth speakers
While there are many options of smaller portable speakers present in the market, Slighter bigger options with less portability are also available in the market space. SONOS and Bose SoundTouch line is the highest selling products with greater usability and advanced features. All the products mentioned above are of superior quality and provides features that are greatly accessible and are user-friendly.

In a nutshell, you can easily find the best device suiting your needs once you draw out your requirements in a vivid manner. Choose the best device and give yourself and your friends a sound experience.

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