PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch – hundreds of dollars for hundreds of pure gaming adventures. Don’t let power supply ruin those hard earned dollars and blissful hours.

While purchasing attractive and expensive gaming consoles, we tend to find convenient power supply units that don’t weigh heavy on our pockets. But, like most people we also forget that buying the right power supply is like buying insurance for you your PC. A good power supply would keep your PC safe and running without the fear of getting it heated or damaged. Here, we have brought to you an ultimate guide on how to select the best gaming power supply units.

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You can put the entire system at risk, if you are not careful. You need to keep a stable Power Supply Unit (PSU) to provide stable power to your PC so as to avoid any mishaps. An advanced power supply unit sports power control features to suit your requirements. It comes with a performance monitor equipped with power modes making it cost effective and as an added advantage, also helps reduce fan noise. It is ideal to go for products with 80 Plus standard. Most Power Supply Units perform at 50 percent capacity of the given rating. Always go for a PSU with more wattage than your system, so that the load ranges stay between the optimal 20 and 100 percent. At the same time, do not go for extremely high or lower range, to ensure the survival and long lifespan of your appliance.

As stated above, wattage should be one of the primary criteria to make a wise choice. To keep your system from crashing or burning its components, you must keep a track of electricity consumption. If your system has consumption of 400W, the preferred power supply should have 450W-500W of power supply. It gives sufficient room for your device to perform optimally.

Another important factor to consider is compatibility of your PSU with your PC. This factor is not limited to a combination with your PC, but in fact, is a basic rule before making any purchase of two compatibly running devices.

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Likewise, you should also be aware of the PSUs protection mechanism. Advanced PSUs come with inbuilt power protectors like Under Power Protection(UPP), Over Temperature Protection(OTP) and Over Power Protection(OPP), amongst many other features . They shut down power in case of an irregular or spiking activity to avoid accidental damages to your system. Make sure your PSU has at least one of these protectors.

Remember that buying expensive units does not necessarily ensure of quality. There are plenty of PSUs in the market that would cost you fortune but would not sport reliable features. Make sure to select a PSU with good rating, warranty and protection assurances from the brand that you are picking.