Wireless Headphones

Buying gadgets for your kids can be a daunting task. Several aspects like health, well-being, security etc must be considered before picking out any product for your kid. Headphones are one of the trendiest items in the market right now and parents and their kids are exploring the category. With technology making its way into our lives; headphones and other gadgets have been upgraded with various functionality and smart support.
Here is a list of Top Wireless Headphones to Buy for Kids in 2018 that will make your choosing process simpler and easier.


LeapFrog comes in stylish design and ultra vibrant green color making it a perfect choice for kids. Like other children’s headphones, leapfrog is safe and produces no more than 85db in volume. The sound velocity is limited and eliminates any kind of damage or hearing loss. LeapFrog is well equipped with a padded headband and over-ear cushions to protect little ears from any kind of damage. This product has instant compatibility with electronic devices like computers, tablets etc and has a 3.5mm headphone jack. LeapFrog is in huge vogue for kids of age three to eight years and is a fantastic pick.

MEE KidJamz KJ25-

MEE KidJamz comes with a tangle-free cord and is equipped with an ultra-flexible headband that can be twisted, pulled and can be bent in any direction without damaging the product making it perfect for kids. It prevents any kind of damage with the built-in 85db volume limitation. It comes with a concealed switch allowing parents to remove the hearing limitation when exposed to a noisy environment. MEE comes with 3.5mm headphone jack and is compatible with any kind of device. This product is perfect for kids in the age range of 4 to 12 and comes with an adjustable cushion like ear pads for extra comfort.

3. LilGadgets-
Wires are a burden even for adults and when it comes to kids devices, it can be quite a task to manage. LilGadgets have curated the most premium wireless headset for kids with an exceptional battery life. The audio experience is exceptional and the kid volume limitation feature attracts parents to this product. It offers enhanced listening experience for music, movies and even educational presentations. Long duration listening might cause pain or some kind of irritation in the ears, but LilGadgets ensures full comfort with the extra cushy and padded earpieces making this product a great hit in our list of Top Wireless Headphones to Buy for Kids in 2018.

4. JBuddies-

JBuddies is one of our personal favorite product and is a hit choice for kids when looking for a perfect travel companion. This product has made into our list of Top Wireless Headphones to Buy for Kids in 2018 and JLab is a compact choice. Being the finest travel essential for kids, JLab comes with spill resistance and soft cushion like ear cups that ensure extra care for the little ears. This product has a kick with it; the set included 8 3D stickers to provide extreme personalization. This is a kid-friendly travel product and doesn’t occupy much space.
5. Snug Play+

Snug play plus is one of the best over ear headphones available in the market.This product makes it much easier for customers to choose from a large range of headphones due to its distinctive features. It provides a much greater audio experience along with immense comfort making it a perfect product in our list of Top Wireless Headphones to Buy for Kids in 2018.

6. Cozyphones

This product is uniquely styles and is a parent pleaser. This product can easily be paired with a with a 36-inch braided cord which is ultra flexible and comes with a 3.5mm jack compatible with all the devices. If your kid dislikes earbuds then this product should be your definite pick. Cozyphones is light in weight and is designed to provide extra comfort to kids who have sensory issues. One of the best product available in the market.

With increasing use of technology and more young users getting pro with handling smartphones, it feels that this is the right time to provide them their own set of headphones. Buying them headphones can help you with maintaining your sanity after a long day at work while your younger one still enjoying their playful time.
But are you still skeptical about which one to buy? Keeping in mind the long list of specification demanded by the little one from its color to the style factor and as a parent also considering sound and protection it provides is a stressful task.
Hope our list of Top Wireless Headphones to Buy for Kids in 2018 will be helpful for you.

Happy shopping!