These days’ gadgets have become lifelines. A phone’s dying battery becomes a real life disaster. Technology is becoming user-friendly by the day. But when the house is filled with smartphones and various other gadgets, keeping them charged at all times becomes troublesome. That’s where a USB charging station comes in handy. With such simple advancements, charging all gadgets has become manageable. A USB charging station provides a one stop energy source for all devices.

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There are a few things to remember before ordering your new USB charging station – prominent factors being the charging station’s power output and its compatibility with your gadget. We have assembled a list of the 6 best smart USB charging station suppliers for you below:

AVLT-Power Bamboo Charging Station – This USB charging station comes with some striking features to keep your workspace organized. You can keep your Apple watch, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphones, tablets, and other USB charging devices organized on your desktop or counter with its help. It has the capacity to charge seven devices at the same time (including six smartphones and one Apple watch, tablets or other devices). It also has the space to occupy the devices inside the box while charging. The Apple watch charging point sports a stand made with bamboo. It has a magnetic base that remains firm on the organizer. It comes with ten free velcro straps. Since it is made of wood, it is eco-friendly at best with smart construction design to save desk space.

Okra USB Charging Station – This USB charging station is a 2-in-1 power station. It allows you to charge six devices at the same time or you can choose to take the internal removable charging hub with you as a USB wall charger. It is compatible for charging almost everything, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, power banks, speakers or anything that recharges with a USB cable. The 6 charging ports are equipped with anti-scratch and non-slippery silicone pads to hold the cables and devices efficiently. All six ports come with Smart IC chipset which ensures safe charging of devices. The station has an in-built mechanism that comes within the organizer’s case which also contains the user manual and a lifetime warranty card.

RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port USB Charger – This powerful station robustly charges six devices at the same time. It consists of 2.4A charging ports combined with a power output of 60W supported by a 12A output to provide charging at full speed. Provides safety during usage globally through a wide range of voltage inputs from 100V-240V thus preventing overheating, overcharging or causing short-circuit. It originally comes with an 18 months’ warranty and additional 12 months can be availed on product registration.

Eco Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station Dock & Organizer – The charging station is of a premium quality that accommodates all your electronic devices. Unlike other charging stations, its capacity exceeds the level of charging for heavy gadgets such as laptops and tablets. This station keeps the charging space organized by possessing the capacity to hold all charging cables inside it. It comes with a promise of 100 per cent guarantee over the quality. The bamboo wood case ensures safe and is an eco-friendly product.

Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station Dock – Compatible with almost all gadgets, this UBS charging port has seven charging ports with the capacity of charging tablets and smartphones together. It comes with an anti-scratch covering and silicone pads to hold the charging cables together. Additionally, this dock also has an in-built surge protection that would assure safety of your gadgets.

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NEXGADGET Detachable Universal Multi-Port USB Charging Station – Internationally certified (ROHS, CE, SAA, CUL, ERP, FCC certifications) product assuring a high quality throughout usage life. The product is composed of superior copper wires to ensure a secured circuit. This station comes with a smart IC with capacity enough to charge eight devices at the same time. There are removable plastic dividers to accommodate the devices. You can choose to lay it down or keep it standing as per your comfort.

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