Choosing a suitable PC monitor is not easy for most people. It has many parameters to read and a lot of different choices of monitors. Huntkey, as an global power supplier who also steps into PC industry, today tells you how to choose a PC monitor.

First of all, PC monitors has two big categories: TN monitors and IPS monitors. Although TN monitors have lower price, higher refresh rate and respond speed, their viewing angle is quite low. Users will suffer chromatic aberration if they do not stand or seat right in front of the monitors. On the contrary, IPS monitors have wider viewing angle but lower refresh rate and respond speed.

Tip1: Resolution ratio of monitors is not equal to definition. For example, the definition of a 24” monitor with 1080p will be weaker than that of a 19” monitors with same 1080p.

Tip2: 1080p is very sufficient for monitors whose sizes are smaller than 20”. Monitors having larger size are suggested to have resolution ratio of 2k.


Brightness 300cd/m2 400cd/m2 500cd/m2
Contrast 900~1100:1 1100~1300:1 >1500:1
Color depth 6 bit 8bit 10bit
Color standard ΔE>5 ΔE<3 ΔE<1.5
Refresh rate /  120Hz >120Hz
Respond time >10ms 10ms 5ms

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