Apple TV

If you are someone who is interested in keeping up to date with the latest happenings of the digital world then you must have come across the term ‘Apple TV’. Now, you must be wondering what the Apple TV is especially when it is making so much noise in the digital world. If you still don’t know what is Apple TV and how to use it then don’t worry, you will find everything you want to know about it in this article. Just keep on reading.

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is one of those streaming media players that allow you to play games, music, and use various apps on your TV with the help of the internet. This micro-console is developed by Apple Inc. and it supports HDR and 4K ultra HD videos. There are a couple of versions of the digital media player which could be separated only by the size of its memory. One has 32GB and the other is 64GB. Apart from that everything else is identical.

Key Features of Apple TV

Here are some of the key features of Apple TV that will help you to understand what is Apple TV and how to use it:

  • Apple TV has a dedicated app store
  • The Apple TV app provides search capability across most popular applications
  • Apple TV comes with the voice capabilities of Siri for searching and performing other functions
  • The remote control of Apple TV has a touchpad along with buttons
  • By working with the third-party controllers, Apple TV provides a superior gaming experience
  • Tremendous connectivity and performance
  • HDR and 4 K Ultra HD video support

Things You Can Do with the Apple TV

  • Stream Videos: Apple has its own options when it comes to streaming digital videos. However, this device is not only limited to Apple’s sources as it also provides video streaming from the top entertainers such as Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, WatchESPN, HBO NOW, YouTube, PBS, and many others.
  • Stream Audio: With Apple TV, you will be able to stream audio contents as well. It supports Apple Music and has a Pandora app built-in. Apart from these, there are other major music services such as Sirius XM, Spotify which are also available but you have to make use of the AirPlay feature to play them.
  • Play Games: Apple TV has taken the gaming experience of the gamers to a whole new level. In the Apple TV app store, you will find many games which you can download and enjoy playing in your device.
  • Use Other Applications: Just the games, the Apple TV app store has a wide range of applications which you can install and use on this device. From, weather to shopping, media server, photo sharing, social media, and much more applications are available in the app store.
  • Cast Audio and Video from Other Apple Devices: If the iPhone or the iPad, or the Mac you are using has a feature called AirPlay then congratulations, you can stream audio and video content from your Apple device to your TV directly through Apple TV.
  • Mirror the iOS Device’s Screen: If you are looking to watch any non-streaming content on your TV screen from your device that runs on iOS then with AirPlay feature, you can have that. You can see your Instagram or Facebook profile or play any game such as Pokémon GO on your TV screen.

How to Use Apple TV

Now, on your quest of learning what is Apple TV and how to use it, you will learn how you can use Apple TV:

  1. First of all, connect the Apple TV with television and plug it in. After that, you have to switch the input of your according to the port you will be using for the Apple TV.
  2. Now, connect the internet and Apple TV by configuring the device.
  3. After that, connect with the content providers from whom you would like to watch a video or listen to audio contents.

Connecting Apple TV with Your TV

First of all, you need an HDMI cable that has plugs full in size on each end in order to connect Apple TV with your TV. After that, you will have to plug one end in the TV and the other on Apple TV’s appropriate place.

Connection Apple TV to the Internet

In order to connect Apple TV to the internet, you just have to flow the instructions presented on your TV screen.

When you connect the internet you will get all the contents from Apple which includes movies, apps, music, and photos. Also, you will have home sharing, setting, and search options. However, if you want to add other content providers such as Netflix, YouTube, etc. you will find it in the Apple TV app store. Just download them and take your television watching experience to a whole new level.