Are you one of those who works on the computer/laptop all the time? This implies there is a lot of work, data and files saved on your laptop or PC than saved in your mind. Just a simple question are you doing anything to protect the device from surge protection or indirectly are you doing anything to protect the data? If no then its time you react on it. Don’t worry we at Huntkey got you covered with a wide range of quality surge protectors to ensure your device and data both are safe.

What is a power surge?

Power surges occur when all of sudden there is a boost in electrical charge at some point in the power lines. This sudden boost causes an increase in the electrical potential energy, that increases the current flowing to your power outlet.

Reason of Power Surge

There are two types of power surges namely, Internal & External Power Surge.

Internal Power Surges

Majority of households worldwide face this issue of internal power surge and that too multiple times a day. This happens whenever a heavy electrical or electronic appliance with a motor starts or shuts off. During this time these devices divert electricity to and from other appliances. Some the biggest culprits for this type of power surges are refrigerators and air conditioners.

External Power Surges

The phenomenon of external power surg is mostly nature driven or cased by external factors. For example a case where the tree branch touches the main overhead power line, lighting strike, any external object entering the transformer, sudden return of power after an outrage etc. In some case it might also occur through telephone lines or cable lines.

Tips to Protect Devices from Power Surge

The best option to protect your laptops or pc from surge protection is to opt for a surge protection device or a surge suppressor. This tools help in guarding your devices from sudden power spikes or lighting surges.

For corporate or office requirement with multiple laptops or PCs connected, it is advisable to go for a heavy duty surge protector in the form of a UPS. The advantage is that along with surge protection, it also gives you time to save your work in case of power outrage. Some UPS do have a power back up for 30 mins but unless required, it’s advisable to go for a 5-10 mins power backup UPS that also comes pocket friendly.

In a worst-case scenario if you buying a second hand PC and you don’t have the budget for an UPS or a power surge protector, the best you can do to protect your device is to unplug it from the power source when not in use.

What happens to PC/Laptop Affected by Power Surge?

Laptops and PC operating systems have a complex shutdown sequence in order to ensure the operating system is not affected by the sudden loss of boost of power. However in case a laptop/PC is affected by a power surge the following signs can confirm the occurrence of likely power surge scenario:-

Laptop not getting turned on

PC suddenly getting too damn slow

PC Monitor Flickering

Shutdown Sequence taking too long to respond.

Now that you have got enough knowledge on what power surge is, types of power surge and how it can actually affect your devices? Its time to react and ensure your laptop/pc doesn’t show the above problems. As mentioned Huntkey a leading electricals and electronics online store has a wide range of collections of power surge protectors for various use and device compatibility.

Laptop won’t turn on? Is your computer suddenly slow? Is your PC’s monitor flickering? Chances are, your laptop or computer was affected by a power surge and you didn’t even know it. Joel Lee of MakeUseOf says “Operating systems are complex and they must go through a “shutdown sequence” to make sure all running processes have correctly terminated before powering off. A sudden loss of electricity can interrupt important threads and leave your computer in an inoperable state.” This is the one thing we wouldn’t want to happen to our laptop or computer.

Now that you’re knowledgeable about the pitfalls of power surges and its effects on your electronic devices, get your gadgets protected!

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