Buying a Power Supply Unit

Behind every great computer is an even better Power Supply Unit

Just like behind every successful man there is a women, similarly behind every great computer to function well it always needs a good power supply unit. So if you are planning to buy a computer or PC with high configuration for your corporate use never compromise with Power Supply Unity.

What is a Power Supply Unit (PSU) for your PC?

In simple terms a Power Supply Unit for your PC helps in conversion of main AC voltage coming from your power source to DC power in order to ensure proper and efficient functioning of the internal components of the computer. However with time there has been significant innovations related to Power Supply Units and present computers rely mostly on switched mode power supplies with some having a manual switch for selecting input voltage while the advanced versions have automatically adapt based on the mains voltage.

Where PSU located in a PC?

Power supply units are located at the back of every computer or PC. In case of a tower PC case the Power supply unit is located on the top or bottom back of the case and in case of a desktop, the power case is located at back left or back right of the case.

Different Part of Power Supply Unit Used for a PC

  • A Connecting Power Cord to the Computer or PC
  • Cooling fan to ensure the power unit doesn’t get heated up when used for a longer duration
  • Switch to change the Power Supply Voltage
  • Power Supply Switch On/OFF Switch.

What is a Switched Mode Power Supply?

A power supply unit setup which unlike the linear design doesn’t end up sucking out energy on standby mode. In electronics terms it helps reduce vampire load. At the moment this setup is the most commonly used as it helps save a lot of energy, works efficiently and ensures internal components of your PC are not damaged.

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting a Power Supply Unit (PSU)

  • Know your Requirement in Watts- Before selecting a power supply unit for your PC use know how much power in watts is required by your PC. In case you have no idea on the same you can seek expert opinion or check out websites to calculate your power requirement. All Power supply units for PCs listed on Huntkey website have detailed description about their power ratings and other configurations to help buyers select the right product.
  • Continuous Wattage Vs Peak Wattage- Continuous wattage is what you should focus on rather than the peak wattage. As the name suggests continuous wattage is the power PSU can supply continuously to a device and peak is the maximum power. All power in Watts.
  • Efficient Ratings- We all know about vampire load. A load notorious for sucking out power even in power saver mode and also sucking out money from your pocket. Here efficient PSUs with ratings more than 80% are idle for use that work under the switched mode power supply mode. 80% efficient PSU converts 80% of current from AC to DC while dissipating less heat. To confirm if a PSU is an efficient, test the PSUs by running it for a long time and in case  it heats up then the claim by manufacturer is false in case it doesn’t get heat up then you are good to go.
  • Ignore Extra Points- Some functionalities mentioned may not be of importance to you and just a marketing gimmick by the manufacturer. While buying a PSU if you are paying for such additions then you can save the hard earned penny and instead opt for a standard one with important points. Some points that can be overlooked are (Only if you tick all previous points you can afford to skip below mentioned points):-
  • Multi Rail or Single Rail
  • Voltage Stability
  • Cablings and Connectors
  • AT Vs ATX
  • Repair Units and Accessories
  • Don’t be Cheap Mindset- Going for a cheap PSU may save you some bucks initially but on the long run it would fire up dollars from your pocket. A cheap and poor quality PSU may start firing up the internal circuits in case of a power fluctuation and may also affect in the proper and smooth functioning of your PC. Other than these owning a quality PSU from a quality site like that of Huntkey also gives you the following advantages:-
  • Lasts Longer: The life of a quality PSU is longer and also saves you money by efficient power usage. This means no frequent new purchases and no expensive power bills.
  • Resale Value: There may come a time when you need to sell your PC and also the PSU along with it. Here you have a chance of getting a better deal in case of a quality PSU with better efficiency rating.
  • Standardized Size: Quality PSUs all come in standardized and same shape and size. This can help you make yourself a cool and quite HTPC.

So what are you waiting for if you think PC then think of quality PSUs from Huntkey.

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