Power Strip – the first thought that comes to mind is something like a surge protector. Well, it’s pretty confusing at first. With the plethora of gadgets and tech out there, it is easy to confuse Power Strips with Surge Protectors. The key is to know the difference. The role of a power strip is to divide power into multiple ports. Whereas, surge protectors are created to protect your electronic equipments such as television, computer, speakers, etc. from sudden fluctuations in power input. One must be aware of the best options out there, while choosing the relevant power strip:

Make sure to choose the right number of ports: You must be mindful of the number of ports in the power strip. Make sure there are void spaces between sockets that would give easy plugging to all sockets at the same time. That certainly does not mean that you should restrict yourself to buying six or eight port power strip. You can definitely upgrade and consider twelve port power strips.

Keep an eye on authenticity: While selecting the power strip for optimum use, make sure to keep your eye on the seal of certification. Your power strip should pass CE FCC ROHS certifications as per current UK standards. All electric appliances at your home should be have anti-fire material by using higher quality standard ABS with strong power cord, high temperature resistant and flame protection to keep safe from perils of fires due to short circuits or damages due to voltage fluctuations.

Warranty check: The reliability of any electronic appliance is assessed by the promising warranty. While you check the warranty, do make sure to see the scope of damages it covers, to be covered in case of an unpleasant incident.

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Keeping the above options in mind, you will be able to make the right choice in selecting the best Power Strip to support your electronic appliances.