We are surrounded with numerous electronic devices and usually run on a lookout for their power source. With multiple handy gadgets around us, the constant need to plug them up is complementary. How many times has your smartphone slipped down on the floor because you had placed it atop of an unsteady platform while recharging it and suffered mini heart attacks? That’s when best power strips and extensions comes into play.

Best Smart Power Strips

What is a power strip?

Power strips acts as extensions or power outlets that enables you to plug in your electronic devices and appliances as per your proximity. They have two to six more power outlets with extended power cords, giving you the ample space to place your appliances further away from your outlets.  

With the latest technology running in the ecosphere of novelty and innovation, the buzz of smart power strips and extension cords has been spreading like wildfire.

With best smart power strips ruling the marketplace, we are blessed with the added brownie points of accessing these devices even if we are outside of our home saving your hard earned money and is an eco-friendly method to use these appliances. Yes, you heard it RIGHT!

Here is the list of 10 Best Smart Power Strips of 2018


  • Weton Smart Power Strip Socket  


With 4 AC sockets and 4 USB ports, this product works just like other power strips. With space up to 8 devices, Weton Smart Power Strip Socket is compatible with both IOS and Android mobile devices and individual access to power sockets that enables one to turn on and off the appliance and is also equipped with wireless connectivity. The product is Alexa empowered and allows voice commands. This smart power strip comes with a warranty for a year and is made up of anti-fire ABS plastics making it safe and explosion safe. The long cord of almost 5 foot makes it easily accessible and a perfect choice.


  • WiOn 50051 Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Surge Protector  


With 6 additional power sockets, this products allows you to plug in more devices. When not at home, this device allows you to access the power outlets using a mobile application and is Wi-Fi friendly. The outlet tends to cut off automatically after the set time with its auto-cut feature and the random feature is a smart way to secure your house from afar. The WiOn 50051 Indoor Wi-Fi Smart Surge Protector is a handy product and comes in compact measurement of 12.5 inches long and 2.2 inches high with the thickness of 1.5 inches.  This one is a definite buy from our list of 10 Best Smart Power Strips of 2018.


  • Geeni SURGE Smart Wi-Fi 4 Outlet & 4 USB Surge Protector   


This product is a definite buy from our list of 10 Best Smart Power Strips of 2018 as it brings the best of the above mentioned products in one single unit.

This configuration of this product is nifty and has 4 AC power sockets and additional four USB ports allowing multiplicity. With a surge protection of up to 450 joules, this product is equipped with auto-cut feature and also supports Alexa for voice commands with a compatibility with Google Home Assistant.  This product not only saves electrical energy but in turns lowers energy consumption hence, reduced costs.

Isn’t it a nifty package?


  • Pinlo Smart Power Strip


Like the products mentioned above, Pinlo smart power strip is equipped with four power outlets along with additional 4 USB ports increasing the usability. With individual controllability, this products comes in a very handy shape. Pinlo smart power strip is induced with auto-cut feature and Alexa allowing energy conservation and voice assistance. This super responsive device is an attractive smart product and definitely save a lot of electrical costs.  The Pinlo smart power strip comes with unique specific features and easy installation process making it a stylish buy.


  • Tonbux Smart Power Strip


The Tonbux smart power strip is a handy appliance and comes in a very compact size of 7.8”x 3.9” x 1.1”. With a cord length of 5ft it comes with 4 AC power outlets and four USB ports. With a wireless connectivity, the product is compatible with Amazon Alexa & Echo Dot. This product can be easily installed and can be controlled with any smartphone; be it Android or IOS. Tonbux is considered to be the best smart power strip and stands on our list of 10 best smart power strips of 2018.


  • Joly Joy Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip


Joly Joy Smart Power Strip comes with 12 months warranty and lifetime support, it can be easily installed and accessed from any smartphone. With 3 AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports, Joly Joy Wi-Fi smart power strip is 5.5 feet long and allows easy access. This product is kid friendly and comes with highly responsive surge protection. This in turns protects your appliances from any electrical damage and fluctuation.  Compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Echo Dot, each slot can be controlled individually and making it a nifty purchase.


  • Geeni Surge Smart Power Strip


Geeni Surge power strip is an attractive product and comes in nice design. It is equipped with surge protection thus, protecting the electrical appliances from power spikes. With a 3 feet cable, 4 power outlets and 4 charging slots, surge protection, the device is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. This is one neat package for all our needs.


  • iClever BoostStrip


iClever Booststrip is one of the best smart power strip available in the market and comes in a very handy design. With its ultra-portable and compact shape, iClever BoostStrip is in the size of a palm fits in the palm is a responsive device to invest in.


  • Bestek MRJ8008


Bestek is designed in a vertical structure and is 5.7 inches tall. With its uniquely build structure, it offers 8 power sockets and is a compact appliance.  It is a pretty decent product and uses intelligent recognition technology making it a quick buy.


  • Aeotec DSC11


Aeotec DSC11 comes with surge protection eliminating the risk of electrical spikes and superior consumption management that allows less costs. This device is driven by the protocol of  Z-wave home automation and has access to 4 switchable power sources with 2 additional power outlets. With its easy installation and setup, this product is a definite buy.

With the above given collection, your search for the best smart power strip will be gratified.