Portable USB Type C

USB-Type-C is the new buzz in the market in electronics industry mostly into laptop/pc and mobile industry. It is the new addition to the family of USBs that have been standard to connecting printers, scanners, external drives etc. The addition of a Type-C port in 1plus smart phones and in the latest version of apple mac laptops hs made all the difference. Huntkey one of the leading electronics online stores based out of USA has a wide variety of Type-C USB adapters, hard drives, compatible chargers for every device etc.

History of USB (Universal Serial Bus)

USB first came into picture in the year 1997 when the first apple iMac featured only USB ports. This however did not bring joys all of a sudden as most printers and other devices that were compatible with serial ports stopped working for an iMac.

Post standardization of ports this became universal and was widely accepted by worldwide consumers. The convenience along with the speed was an instant hit amongst the consumers. This also ensured that an user gets rid of all the numerous adapters that were required to connect other devices.

With time there were further improvements and USB 2.0 with 420-600 MBPS transfer speed was invented. The innovation didn’t stop here but later USB 3.0 & Type- C were invented with speeds supporting up to 6 GBPS.   

What is USB-Type-C?

As mentioned in the first paragraph, USB Type-C is the latest invention in the family of USB merging the portability of micro USB with the superiority and speed and of USB 3.0

A USB Type-C port, like its predecessors, can handle data transfer as well as power transfer simultaneously. Type-C post just like other USB ports, supports data as well as power transfer to the device connected.

Some of the latest device in recent times like the 1plus premium smart phone, latest Mac by apple, Pixel 2 all come with the type port for faster data transfer and to support turbo charging.  

Apple rather went a step ahead and made the latest Mac a type c only port laptop. 1 port for all operations starting from Ethernet, display, file transfer, power connectivity etc.

Advantages & Dis-Advantages of Type-C


In simple terms the USB Type-C is now a universally accepted mode of power and data transfer with superior performance than any other forms of ports or even the USB3.0.

The smaller footprint of the type-c ensures device makers can now pack a larger battery, make slimmer devices, add more functionality and for consumers devices become cost effective as they don’t have to pay for multiple ports that is of no use to some. Instead for requirement one can buy an external adapter and connect devices as required.

The major drawback of the type-c USB is its universal availability, distribution and cost. As the port comes in-built in very few devices, universal compatibility and easy availability is still a challenge. Owing to lesser distribution and use till date, the cost of a spare or replacement is very high. Another major drawback is that you have to always carry your type-c with you to charge your device as the port is non-compatible with USB options widely used in recent times.

Huntkey has a wide variety of USB Type-C adapters, external HDD options, chargers etc which every type-c compatible device owner might need.