Canon Rebel T5 vs T5i

Being a shutterbug is not always good shots and fresh perspectives; choosing your tool is one of the biggest challenges you face. Cameras have evolved since their emergence and have brought a revolutionary change in the industry. Canon yet again has proved true to its name with its Rebel T5 and T5i series. With the mention of these you might think of them as similar versions of each other but with a closer look, you may find many interesting variations in both of the devices.

Canon T5- Canon T5 is an entry-level camera and the latest addition in the canon family.Canon T5 is equipped with 18MP with APS-C sized sensor. It comes with a 3-inch screen and a viewfinder for better angles. It enables us to shoot HD videos also. It has some cool features like fully manual mode, Scene Intelligent Auto mode, and many other appropriate settings.

Canon T5i – Canon T5i is a touch-enabled camera and has 18 MP camera. It has a really cool shoot mode in the menu dial for easy accessibility and is a power packed camera from canon. The video quality is superb and this camera is known to deliver excellent images even in the low light setting. The easier to use touch sensitive menu and burst mode make it a perfect pick.

Both the cameras might allure you but before making the final deal one must be fully aware of the specifications and how well the device performs in various situations. Leave the stressful task on us as we have curated down the most essential points to consider that will make your decision much easier and satisfactory.

Let us take a magnifying look-


Both the cameras are equipped with 18-megapixel sensors allowing HD quality shots. This camera allows pictures in 2 formats either JPEG or RAW format with the maximum image size of 5184 x 3456. For beginners, RAW and JPEG format are two simple formats of images. The unedited and unsuitable image format for printing etc is as the name suggests RAW format. For those don’t fully understand megapixels, you should be aware that one megapixel is one million pixels. Each pixel is a small square of data. The more of these squares present in an image the sharper and clearer it will be. JPEG,

on the other hand, is a processed version of the RAW image and is accessible on various software.

Image Processing And Burst Rate

The T5i has DIGIC 5 which is an upgrade to T5’s DIGIC 4 image processing system which simply means that T5i quality is superior and can burst shoot up to 5fps. T5 can shoot up to only 3fps making T5i a better option.

Auto Focusing

Both T5 and T5i have autofocusing supported by 9 auto-focusing points. Although, the T5i provides enriched images even in the low light setting as it has a better version and works better than T5.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is yet another deciding point. The shutter system of both T5 and T5i goes up to 1/4000 of a second and slowest is recorded as 30 seconds. Both still an motion based photography can be performed using the 2 versions easily.

Shooting Video

T5i and T5 allow you to shoot videos in HD quality of 1080p and 720p at 20fps, 25fps, and 30 fps. Both the cameras are capable to shoot excellent quality video recording.


Though the screen size is the same in both the cameras but the significant difference between the two can be looked upon here. The T5 has a big 3 inch LCD screen while on the other hand in T5i you get a slightly bigger screen and is touch sensitive i.e it has a touch screen just like in your smartphone. T5i stands as a winner here with a resolution of 1040k dots in comparison to 460k dots in T5.

Weather Resistance

If you are looking for weatherproof and waterproof camera models then consider a change as neither of the models provides the facility. Be cautious when you take your camera outdoor and keep it away from water.

Weight and Size

The T5i weighs a slightly heavier than T5. The measured weight of both the cameras is 525 gms and 434 gms making T5 here a winner. The dimensions of T5i are 5.2” x 3.9” x 3.1” while that of the T5 is 5.1” x 3.”9 x 3.1”. Though not a very significant difference but T5 is much lighter and a portable option for shutterbugs.


The T5 is priced at $280 on Amazon and if you are willing to spend more than in $370 you can grab a bundle deal which will include two basic lenses and a portable carry bag. The T5i is comparatively expensive and is marked as $550 on Amazon. You can find a wide range of bundle deals which will include multiple lenses starting from $600-$700.

If you have a tight budget then T5 is your deal as it is noticeably cheaper than the T5i.

Which one you should go for?

After the in-depth research on both the cameras, we have few plus points for each of them and few minus points. The canon rebel T5i looks sophisticated and has superior features but can dig up a big hole in your pockets. Both the cameras are more or less similar and have power-packed necessary features intact in them. If you want to invest in an entry-level camera then T5 can be your deal this camera enables to click exceptionally good pictures with its 18mp camera and allows video recording as well. The only let down in this camera is the absence of the touchscreen and the burst shot mode is a little weak and can help you save a few bucks and still get a great deal. In comparison, if you are not tight in your budget and want to experience the most user-friendly device then go for T5i. With enhanced image quality and processing

system, this touchscreen-enabled camera is a better option of intermediate photographers and who are on a lookout for the most sophisticated camera.

Canon is known to deliver nothing but exceptional results. Both the devices are excellent in their functioning and stand true to the legacy of its producer. With few advanced features, T5i wins the game but that doesn’t mean T5 is inferior. That is what we call a superior purchase.

Think no more and go make your purchases!