Thanks to the rapid development of science, our life is now digital. Devices and gadgets stay with us everywhere and every time.

The perks of digital life, the advantages of laptop, smartphone and other supreme electronic devices are noteworthy. But, it’s time we should flip the coin and get concerned about the bitter consequences.

E-waste is the pivotal of them. A new report alarmed that the amount of electronic junk has risen by eight per cent in two years. And the terrifying news is that only 20% has been recycled.

Sounds alarming? Let’s understand the new nemesis from the core-

What is the E-waste?

Electronic waste is discarded electronic appliances.

Any abandoned electronic devices from electric toothbrushes to kettles, computers, printers, smartphones, washing machines and radios, are considered as the e-waste.

Why we should take the e-waste seriously?

To know the reason, we have to understand the terrible result of the e-waste. Here they are-

  • Discarded electronic equipment, such as phones, laptops, fridges, and TVs contain diverse substances which are powerful enough to cause environmental pollution.
  • The substance inside the e-devices can also cause massive threat to our health.
  • Most of the e-waste is not dumped properly following the scientific process.
  • The e-waste is not always recycled, triggering massive environmental pollution.

As per the new study from United Nations University 43 million tons of electronic waste was generated in 2016, 8% higher from 2014. The study has also pointed out this is the fastest growth of any type of refuse eclipsing the rate of plastic refuse.

What’s the future of e-waste?

According to the experts, the future is gloomy and we all need to fight against it in cohesion.

The e-waste growth will escalate more, the experts predict. And the reasons are-

  • The world is leaning towards more digital revolution welcoming the automation, sensors, machine learning and AI quadrupling the usage of gadgets. E-waste is just a byproduct of this transition.
  • The usage of smartphone, mobile and laptops are growing each day triggering a dark days of e-waste in future. As per the stat, close to half the world’s population, 45.9% now use the Internet. The number is 20.5% higher in 2007.
  • The massive drop in price has been the reason of the escalating figures, discarding the outdated one and turning it into an e-waste.

How to fight against the e-waste?

Let’s talk about the silver lining. Let’s understand our role before the looming danger. To curb the e-waste repercussions, we need to-

  1. Realize the threats of e-waste and be cautious
  2. Follow the guidelines and systematic process of dumping e-devices.
  3. Stop throwing away our gadgets here and there, even their parts too
  4. Encourage others to follow the recycling process of e-device

How Huntkey is fighting against the e-waste?

Huntkey, the global leading provider of power solutions and smart home solutions is well aware of the massive threat caused by the e-waste. To tackle the danger, Huntkey has concentrated on several things which are-

  • Follow the guidelines for the dumping of the disposed materials came out from the production.
  • Repurpose and reuse the materials and the discarded products as much as possible.
  • Produce durable products that provide service over the years eliminating the need of discarding it and making it an e-waste.

The best way to fight against the nemesis of e-waste is to be aware of the outcomes and take required steps. Together we can do it. To stop turning our earth into a garbage. To destroy us with e-waste. Let’s build a better future.