10 Best Hidden Wifi Light Bulb Cameras in 2018

Light bulb cameras as a security solution?

Now, that what we call advancement in technology. Security has always been a prime concern and we tend to invest a lot in it. Tech producers have re-crafted the most common household item into a security device saving us from hours of tedious brain shaking. Light bulb cameras are the trendiest gadget and is explicitly aimed for concealed recordings. These bulbs are just like normal bulbs and fits just fine into normal sockets. With a stable Wi-Fi connection recorded feed can be watched at any point of time and security can be maintained.

Let us have a glance on our handpicked list of 10 best hidden Wi-Fi light bulbs cameras in 2018–  


  • Meisort light bulb camera-


Meisort VR13E is the most advanced and is on no. 1 position in our chart of 10 Best Hidden Wi-Fi Light Bulb Cameras in 2018 and is stocked with various features like free 32 GB MicroSD card and the camera can store up to 64GB of information, 360 degree field of vision, Motion detection, Night vision and more. This device is compatible with both Android and IOS devices and have multi-user application. With crystal clear capabilities this device is fitted with an inbuilt 1.3 MP fish eyed lens with real time viewing experience. This product can be easily installed and just plug the bulb it into your lighting socket and you are good to go.


  • AX Security Camera Bulb-


AX security camera bulb has a very simple installation procedure and is loaded with efficient features.

With automatic lightning after it get dark you can easily monitor your property day or night with the AX security light bulb camera. With night vision features, this device is equipped with motion sensors that detects any kind of movement in the subjected area and notifies the user. Equipped with high resolution this device promises quality images and streaming modes. It is a mobile friendly device and offers footage from various angles as it is equipped with fish-eye lens that is designed to capture wide areas and its Two-way communication channel feature makes the product a perfect fit.


  • Graneywell Wi-Fi Light Bulb Camera-


With a panoramic view you can lookout for every corner of the room in crystal clear viewing quality.

This device is easily controlled using any smartphone and is compatible with both Android and IOS platforms. Graneywell wireless light bulb camera eliminates all the hitches of various models and is designed to be used via both Wi-Fi router networks and non-Wi-Fi router networks. Tap on your home security from anywhere with its two way communication channel and monitor your pets, children and babysitters. With any kind of motion detection within the surroundings of the camera, a push alarm is sent to your phone for immediate action making it a perfect pick for your personal or office use.


  • SDETER IP Light Bulb Camera-


Similar to the AX and the VR13E, this Wi-Fi enabled camera has a wide field of view and comes with mounting brackets for easy installation process.  In addition, this camera offers high-resolution images giving access to crystal clear pictures and videos and sensitive motion detection. For retrieving old footage, a separate microSD card for the light bulb camera is necessary. Sdeter offers excellent after sales customer service making it a convenient pick.


  • UC bulb light bulb camera-


For best home security solutions UC bulb light bulb camera is the most advanced pick. With two – way communication support it enables you to talk back home from anywhere as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi. This application controlled device is supported by Android, iPhone and tablet. Scan all happenings and activities at home in HD quality images and videos.


  • Meco light bulb camera-


Monitor the safety of your household from anywhere using the smart App. With a wireless connection from your phone, you will be able to view all the camera captures that is videos and images in high resolution. The 360 degree viewing capacity allows you to monitor the on-goings of where the camera is positioned and is equipped with two way communication using the talk-back feature.


  • Antaivision light bulb camera-


To access Antaivision light bulb camera, you first need to install the CoolCam mobile application from Google play store or Apple store. The mobile app is easily installed in less than a minute using Wi-Fi and a smartphone. The mounting process of these cameras is economical and hassle-free and provides a 360 degrees field of view with zero blind spots. This device is sensitive to motions and send alerts on the phone upon detecting any kind of movement in the room.


  • Clearon Wi-Fi light bulb camera-


With excellent image quality, Clearon light bulb camera offers you a wide and HD viewing experience. With up to 4X zooming capacity it has a two- way communication apparatus that lets you talk back and listen using a microphone and speaker.

It is equipped with IR LED ranging in 3 different colors and allows a viewing space that goes up to 32 feet in a bright room.  Immediate push notifications will be sent to the linked smartphone if any motion is detected. The feed can be retrieved easily from the SD card making it an absolute hit and well deserved place in our list of 10 Best Hidden Wi-Fi Light Bulb Cameras in 2018.


  • Bellcam light bulb security camera


Bellcam light bulb security camera permits you to view vibrant quality images and videos from the mobile application and the fish eye lens promises a wider range of viewing experience. With inbuilt infrared LED images, monitoring task is easy like never before and send updates as soon as any motion is detected directly to the linked phone.


  • Jbonest Panoramic Bulb camera-


Once connected to a wireless connection perform the setup process using the 360 eyes app easily. You will be exposed to a tremendous viewing experience in a panoramic view and can access rich quality of images. With a talk back feature, you can interconnect with people at home and give them commands featuring it as a definite buy for any kind of individual and commercial use.

Light bulb cameras have become a trustworthy companion for many households but deciding on the best light bulb camera with all the required features is priceless.

Bid cheerio to fuzzy images and videos with these smart and efficient light bulb cameras.

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