• Two USB ports
  • Four UK standard outlets
  • Surge protection
  • Child-protective shutters
  • Flame retardant material
  • Double break safety switch
  • Integral copper bar
  • MAX3250W-MAX13A, 250V
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SUC407_01 SUC507
Power Strip Surge Protector
SUC407_02 SUC507
4 AC Sockets & 2 USB Charging Ports
USB ports work with 5V charging requirement devices
SUC407_03 SUC507
All-round Protection & 3-year Warranty
Protects your devices against overload, voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes
SUC407_04 SUC507
USB Smart IC Technology
USB ports automatically detect devices to deliver lightning fast charging speed
SUC407_05 SUC507
Double Break Safety Switch
Automatic overload protection with reliable double break safety switch to ensure safety
SUC407_06 SUC507
Child-protective Shutters
Provides a protective barrier that small objects can not get in to keep your children safer
SUC407_07 SUC507
Integral Copper Bar
Improves product conductivity, durability & safety Reduces heat buildup to save energy
Flame Retardant Materials
Able to withstand high heat & temperatures Anti-fire solution that you can rely on
SUC407_08 SUC507
Plug-friendly Sockets
Perfectly designed sockets that plugs can be easily put in and pulled out to enhance user experience
SUC407_09 SUC507
Durable Power Cable
Thicker heavy-duty cable for durability, safety & energy-efficiency
Product Dimensions
SUC407_10 SUC507
Used in the Office
SUC407_11 SUC507
Used at Home