• Model: HKC02009022-0A2
  • Type: Wall charger
  • Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.6A
  • Output: 5V3A, 9V2.22A ; (PPS) 3.3-5.9V3A, (PPS) 3.3-11V1.8A
  • Protocol: PD PPS
  • Dimensions: 30*30*30mm
  • Weight: 43g
  • FCC, UL, PPS Certified


Whether you are working, shopping, or traveling, you do not have to worry about spending a long time to charge.

970x300 20W USB-C

It takes 30min to charge iPhone 12 Pro to 50% and is faster than the 5V1A original charger.

1500-3 20W USB-C

Smaller size with lighter weight. Easy to carry, light and small.

1500-4 20W USB-C

A good choice for the new iPhone 12 Series.

1500-5 20W USB-C

Safe charger, safe to use.

1500-6 20W USB-C

Choose the right cable for the charger.

1500-7 20W USB-C