Shenzhen, China, May 15th, 2017 – Huntkey is a leading global power solution’s provider, and Alva is Huntkey’s marketing director. Following is an article that she has written about how to pick a good power strip:


Many people believe that power strips are just an extension of outlets and that we do not need to pay much attention to them. I used to be like that too. In fact, not all power strips are alike, and some even put you and your devices at risk. We talked to an electrician to sort out how to tell the good ones from the bad ones.



First, we can judge from the materials of the power strips’ panel. The good ones usually boast excellent flame retardancy, high insulation and favorable impact resistance. High-quality panels have strong stability.



Second, the appearance of a high quality power strip is generally very smooth and textured with the logos and other identification marks being very clear.



The internal structure shows us the quality of the power strip more intuitively. Without being welded, the integral copper bar can completely eliminate security problems caused by empty solder and leakage solder, thereby improving the safety and durability of the power strip, and it can reduce “heat up” leading to lower energy costs. Some power strips are equipped with safety shuttles. With safety shuttles, the sockets can only be plugged into when two plug pins are inserted into the live wire hole and null wire hole simultaneously. Thus, the shuttles can prevent people, especially children from putting fingers into the sockets to maximize the safety of your home.



Another remarkable feature is the ground wire, when there is an electric leakage of a home appliance, the ground wire can protect people by directing electricity into the ground. Some power strips don’t have a ground wire which may increase the risk of electric shock.



The package and manual are also important. The good ones usually have the brand name, model, product specifications, assorted information and after sale policy displayed in a prominent location.



Last but not least, checking the power strip’s authentication is very necessary. Before you buy the power strip, please make sure it has been given a safety certification in your country, such as UL for America, RCM for Australia, CCC for China, etc.





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