5 Signs When Should You Need a New Laptop

Laptops are handy, portable, easy to use and unfortunately getting upgraded in the market at a rapid rate. There is high chance that the laptop that you had purchased last year has now bee outdated with a more advanced and higher spec model. Through this blog we will point out 5 signs When you should need a new laptop.

Slow & Steady doesn’t go well here– Even though the universal saying is slow and steady wins the race but here when it comes to timely requirements and professional life, the same doesn’t hold true. Early signs may be applications take time to open, takes time to boot, even CTLR+ALT+DEL stops working, switching between different windows ceases operations and most importantly takes half a day to copy files in GBs. A slow laptop is the first and early Warning that you need to set aside a defined budget for a new one.

Nothing Latest Works– Probably after the pace of the system this the second sign that you seriously need to consider an upgrade. Latest operating system cannot be installed and if in certain cases the latest os is installed it slows down all other applications.

Why Latest OS?

Many might feel why to opt for latest OS when the previous works fine. This is because once the OS starts updating and the laptop lacks the required specs, hardware and software to support the update, it makes the entire system and necessary applications redundant.

Display Problem- The main spec that differentiates a laptop of one company or spec with another is its display. In case you are a laptopholic and considering changing your glasses for better visibility, you might also consider changing your laptop because in certain cases it might be because of the laptop display with poor viewing angles and low resolutions that is taking a toll on your eyes or hampering crystal clear display.

Crash can be deadly for your Career- In professional life Time is Money and every second delayed results in company losing out money. In such scenarios the last thing you want while in middle of something important is a system crash. What if the system crashes during an all-important meeting with a client to whom you are pitching a technology solution? Sounds deadly right. That’s right system crashes can be embarrassing and as well as career threatening.

Low Battery- The most obvious problem faced my maximum number of laptop users worldwide. This is mostly due to the rough use of battery by most users. This problem eradicates the biggest advantage of using a laptop over PC, i.e Portability. With time, the laptop cells start losing its capability and power storage capacity. Replacement is always an option but is also time consuming and not a viable in certain conditions. In some cases where the model is very much old, the required specs of the battery may not be available in the market.

If the battery life of your laptop is forcing you to stick to your desk to complete your work then its time to bid goodbye and invest on a new laptop.

Other major signs might include the wear & tear of your keyboard, sound problems, port problems etc.

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