Shenzhen, China, August 14, 2020 — Oucica, a Sub-brand of Huntkey, expert of air purification solutions will release its desktop air purifier DJ010 in the late of August. Like its previously released air purification products, the DJ010 is still developed and manufactured by photocatalyst technology. Different from the previous products, DJ010 is smaller and more suitable for use in small spaces such as desktops and cars.

What is Photocatalyst?
Photocatalyst is a general term for photo-semiconductor materials with photocatalytic function represented by nano-sized titanium dioxide. It is coated on the surface of the substrate and produces strong catalytic degradation function under the action of ultraviolet light and visible light. Photocatalyst can effectively kill bacteria and virus in the air and decompose harmful substances in the air into water and carbon dioxide. It is a ideal solution for removing formaldehyde, deodorizing, anti-pollution and purifying air.

Reasons to choose Oucica
Reliable and stable technology

Oucica uses patented spraying technology to uniformly spray titanium dioxide on the surface of the substrate, which is firm and durable, and the addition of antibacterial metal to further enhance the performance of ordinary photocatalyst.

No consumable material design
When Oucica DJ010 works, the air will first pass through the preliminary filter, which can be washed with water. The photocatalyst filter can usually be used for a lifetime without cleaning. There is no problem removing it for cleaning if users want.

Exquisite and compact
It measures a dimension of φ108*160mm, which is easy for users to carry and suitable for air cleaning for a space of 8-10cbm. It features a standby consumption of lower than 200mW, as well as a noise level of 38dB(A) at the maximum. For more product information, please visit:

Model: DJ010
Input: 5V/2A (Min. 4.6V, Max. 5.5V)
Rated Power: 8W
Standby Consumption: <200mW
Noise Level (Max.): 38dB(A)
Air Volume: 10cbm/h (Max.)
Applicable Space: 8-10cbm
Dimensions: φ108*160mm

About Oucica

Oucica, a subsidiary of Huntkey, specializes in the development of photocatalyst air purifiers. To improve the air quality of working, living or studying, it has developed a series of air purifiers including model KJ380 for large spaces, CJ001 for car sterilizing and DJ010 for desktops.