SHENZHEN, China, August 20, 2020 — Oucica, a subsidiary of Huntkey, has recently announced the availability of its new portable air purifier – the DJ010. It is a new portable air purifier after the CJ001 that is specifically designed for car drivers.

The DJ010 is integrated with non-consumable photocatalyst filters that can effectively and eco-friendly decompose airborne hazards, such as bacteria, viruses, chemical vapors, odors and haze particles. It is ideal for being used in small working, studying or reading rooms.

Photocatalyst is a catalyst that can accelerate chemical reactions when it is irradiated by UV light. It is a perfect substance that can be used to make high-effective filters in an air purification system. Huntkey uses high-speed spray technology to spray photocatalyst on the surface of the air filters, which can maximize the exposure of photocatalyst to pollutants.

The DJ010 can also work as an ionizer by releasing negative ions. By this means, it can easily sedimentate dust, PM2.5 and other particulate matters in the air. Negative ions are molecules that are electrically charged with an extra electron, they exist in the environment or can be created by devices like air purifiers and ionizers. Some evidence suggests that an atmosphere filled with negative ions is better for health and well-being.

The DJ010 is designed like an egg and it can be easily controlled via one switching button near the bottom. Its grille-shaped air outlet can be adjusted up and down to change the wind directions.

It measures a dimension of Φ108*160mm. With an air volume of 10cbm/h at the maximum, it is well-suited for a room space of 8-10cbm. It features a standby consumption of lower than 200mW, as well as a noise level of 38dB(A) at the maximum. For more product information, please visit: