SHENZHEN, China, March 24,2018- Huntkey, a global leading provider of home automation and power solutions, will launch its power strips on Amazon UK soon.
Huntkey has three types of power strips in stock on Amazon UK. SUC307 which has three AC outlets and equipped three USB charging ports. SUL407 which is designed with three AC outlets and two USB charging ports. SUL507 is the upgraded devices of SUL407 which can charge six devices at a same time.

Huntkey is popular among the global customers with its renowned brand, high quality and attractive ID design. Why Huntkey wall mount power strip worth you to own it? We give you five main reasons:
1. Useful and Convenient
Customers do not need to search for a plug and can plug in multiple devices with the USB charging ports, and these charging ports works as well as the original plug do.
2. Safety Inner Design: Integral Copper Bar
Huntkey power strips adopted integral copper bar design, which enhanced the conduction ability. Also it can improve the elasticity of switch, making the best experience for the consumers when using it. The last but most important is that with this design, it can promote the efficiency but lower the electricity bills.
3. Reliable Flame-retardant Material
Huntkey power strips are made of flame-retardant material, which is able to withstand high heat and temperatures. There is no deformation at 100℃ and even without flames at 750℃.
4. 3-year warranty
Huntkey can provide best service and 3-year warranty.
Please visit Huntkey site and Amazon UK to get the detail information: