You may find yourself amidst various electrical appliances and detangling its wires from each other or even worse running to find a electrical source before the battery runs out of another. Sounds familiar?

Well, that’s when the need of a power strip comes into play.

Power strips are blocks of several electrical sockets attached to a single main plug using a cable. It is a strip of various sockets designed in a way that you can use multiple electrical appliances at once without having to run anytime a device gets discharged. They are commonly known as extensions and acts as a power outlet.

Huntkey understands the need of being ‘charged’ every time and staying organized at the workstation. Thus, we house various kinds of extensions and power strips for multiple purposes. With technology ruling over each aspect of our life, electronics is the one that has been highly empowered with the latest advancements and innovations. Smart power strips have been a huge hit ever since its emergence.

We have various kinds of power strips in the UK standard and some of them are ‘smart’ too. Have a glance at our wide collection of power strips.

SUC501- This product is demanded a lot by the customer and is equipped with Five UK standard outlets. It is integrated with integral copper bar and thus provides ultimate surge protection and has child-protective shutters making it kid-friendly too.

Huntkey’s SUC307 is a 3 powered USB ports and three UK standard outlets. With surge protection and double break safety switch, this product has been a real game changer. The child- protective shutters have made this a complete household product and it is absolutely safe in commercial settings too.
Buy power strip in UK standard from Huntkey and ease out your daily chores.