B&Q, originated from the United Kingdom, is a large European international home- building material retail group. Now it becomes a well-known brand of domestic building material supermarket chain.

Oucica ,the subordinate brand of Huntkey, enters B&Q and displays car air purifier CJ001 and in-door air purifier KJ380. Compared with ordinary air purifiers, these two items present more professional sterilization and higher disinfected capacity.

In the market, the air purifiers mainly filter bacteria and pollutants through adsorption filter. However, they only adsorb without treatment. The more bacteria the filter adsorb, the smaller the adsorb-available areas are. Therefore the bacteria could break out of the filter more easily, and back flow to the outside when the purifier turns on, leading to secondary pollution.

On the contrary, Oucica air purifiers possess both sterilization and disinfection. KJ380 utilizes the photocatalyst decomposition system from Japan. Compared with the ordinary air purifiers, Oucica introduces a combination of MaSSC photocatalyst decomposition system and high efficient compound filter, realizing disinfection and sterilization in one.