February 13th 2020, SHENZHEN — Oucica, a subsidiary of Huntkey, aims to provide air solutions to public.

People say if you want keep fresh air in a car, you should open the windows to ventilate. Such saying is not completely wrong. However considering bad air quality in urban city now, opening windows is not the best solution. Having a Oucica car air purifier(CJ001) is the solution!

The size of CJ001 is as small as a thermal mug, and it can be put into the drink holder.

Most ordinary car air purifiers are absorption-type, and can only remove haze, dust, pollen, formaldehyde and odors. In addition, these car air purifiers can not remove odors thoroughly, and are easily volatile in shutdown mode.

In the contrary, Oucica CJ001, with the help of photocatalyst technology, decomposes harmful substances into water and carbon dioxide, therefore preventing secondary pollution. Oucica car air purifier is able to not only remove formaldehyde and odors, but also disinfect and sterilize the air inside the car thoroughly.

In terms of disinfection and purification, Oucica CJ001 is the most professional. It utilizes double purification of photocatalyst and HEPA to resist harmful substance. Air is first purified by HEPA, and then the harmful bacteria and germs which can not be removed by HEPA will be rapidly and thoroughly decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by photocatalyst decomposition system. The removal rate of harmful bacteria and viruses is as high as 99%.

Despite the professional aspect, Oucica CJ001 has a fashionable and outstanding appearance with three color choices: Grey, Red and Gold .

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