SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 13, 2020 — Huntkey, a prominent manufacturer of PC power supply, PC monitor and PC case, recently introduced two models of its small-sized air purifiers – the Desktop Air Purifier and Car Air Purifier to the Vietnam market. They are branded “OUCICA” , a subsidiary of Huntkey specializing in the development of photocatalyst air purifiers.

Photocatalyst is a catalyst able to accelerate chemical reactions without being consumed. When energized by UV light, it can continuously and repeatedly increase the rate of chemical reactions to remove and decompose air pollutants. In the desktop and car air purifiers, the photocatalyst is evenly coated onto substrates to form high-performance filters for removing airborne hazards.

Desktop Air Purifier

The desktop air purifier is egg-shaped and measures a dimension of Φ108*160mm. Its air purification speed is 10m3/h, which is well-suited for a room space around 8-10m3. In this scenario, it will clean the entire air in the room with nearly one hour. It is ideal for being used in small working, studying or reading rooms. It is paired with a USB charger or car charger, meaning it can work well on an office desk, a bedside table or in a car.

To assure the users of healthy breaths, the purifier is integrated with photocatalyst filters inside to eliminate harmful substances in the air such as smokes, dust, odors, haze particles, bacteria and viruses. Thanks to the non-consumable feature of photocatalyst, the photocatalyst filters don’t need to be replaced regularly. This is a key difference from traditional air purifiers inside which filers need to be renewed according to their using conditions.

The desktop air purifier can also work as an ionizer to release negative ions. By this means, it is capable of sedimentating airborne dust, PM2.5 and other particulate matters. Negative ions are molecules that are electrically charged with an extra electron, they exist in the environment or can be created by devices like air purifiers and ionizers. Some evidence suggests that an atmosphere filled with negative ions is better for health and well-being.

Car Air Purifier

The car air purifier is well-suited for cars. It measures a dimension of Φ67*180mm and it is designed like a water cup that can be easily put in a cup holder. Its air cleaning volume is 3.6m3/h, thus, to clean air in sedans, it will approximately take 1-2 hours.

Usually, the inside of a car is a confined space, and the drivers will inevitably face a high risk of exposure to a variety of airborne infectious agents and allergens, with possible harm to health. To tackle this problem caused by bad air quality, the car air purifier is a good choice. It is also equipped with photocatalyst filters by which almost all the infectious agents will be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, resulting in no secondary pollution.

The purifier is also paired with an other kind of filter (a preliminary filter) to form a strong purification system. It features two air inlets near the bottom and an ultraviolet lamp in the middle, as well as one air outlet on the top. The polluted air firstly will be pre-filtrated by a preliminary filter to remove particles, and than sterilized by the photocatalyst filters to kill viruses and bacteria, finally fresh air will come out from the outlet.

The photocatalyst filters are firmly built in the purifier, while the preliminary filter is detachable that it is packed independently. One car charger and one USB cable are included in the package. To meet different preferences, three color options – red, golden and gray are available. To learn more about Huntkey air purifiers, please visit: