SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 4th, 2020 – Huntkey has reached a strategic cooperation with space science and technology institute (Shenzhen) in air purification solutions recently.

Huntkey’s sub-brand Oucica has always been committed to providing professional air purification solutions. The photocatalyst technology Oucica adopted was originally used in Japanese space station air purification. Now Huntkey will deepen relevant researches and promote it in people’s daily life.

Why choose photocatalyst technology to clean the air?

1) No consumable materials
Photocatalyst air purifiers generally do not need filters to be replaced, which makes the air purification process more convenient, and also reduces the cost.

2) No secondary pollution
Photocatalyst technology does not use adsorption method to clean the air, but decomposes harmful substances into water and carbon dioxide to achieve the purpose of purification, so there is no problem of secondary pollution.

3) No harmful substance will be generated
Sour smelly gas and ozone harmful UVC light are the drawbacks of traditional air purification. If photocatalyst technology is used, these problem will be solved easily. Carbon dioxide and water are the only substances produced in the whole process.

Why Choose Huntkey?
Compared with the traditional purification solutions, Huntkey has several advantages.

1) The unique photocatalyst air purification solution in the industry
Huntkey uses the exclusive MaSSC photocatalyst technology, which does not produce ozone and ultraviolet radiation, safe and environmentally friendly. Laboratory tests have confirmed that the MaSSC technology effectively kills 146 pathogens and harmful microorganisms, with a purification rate of 99%.

2) Professional R&D team and reliable customer services
Headquartered in Shenzhen, Huntkey was established in 1995 and has its own laboratory and manufacturing plant.In 2012, it passed the accreditation by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). It has the authorized laboratories of Germany TUV, Norway Nemko, the United States FCC, the Guobiaol standard 9254, and possesses the capabilities of TUV, CE, UL, TLC and other international certifications. Huntkey have a professional team to develop and customize products according to customer needs, and provide the most reliable after-sales service.

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