Shenzhen, China, April 26, 2020 — Huntkey, a leading global provider of power solutions, is developing and testing its car air purifiers for global markets after its successful launch in China. The car air purifier is portable and small as a water cup that is well-suited for cars, and most importantly, it features photocatalyst filters to efficiently enhance its purification ability.

Huntkey Car Air Purifier

Photocatalyst is a catalyst that is can energized by ultraviolet (UV) light then to make it easier for a chemical reaction more likely to happen, in a photocatalytic air purifier, it is typically a substance called titanium dioxide. By this means, a photocatalyst air purifier is able to clean air by decomposing airborne hazards instead of absorbing them, and this is a key difference between photocatalyst air purifiers and the ordinary ones.

In the Huntkey’s car air purifier, the photocatalyst uniformly adheres to a substrate forming a film that lots of photocatalyst particulars are exposed to the surface and they can perform efficiently, which is called the photocatalyst filters. Activated by UV light, the photocatalyst filters will decompose at least 99% of the viruses, bacteria and volatile substances from smells into carbon dioxide and water, resulting in no secondary pollution that is usually caused by means of absorbing in many ordinary air purifiers.

Huntkey Car Air Purifier

However, photocatalyst can’t solve the problem of some particulates, like dust and smoke. To ensure high purifying effect, the car air purifier combines photocatalyst filters with a HEPA filter to form a comprehensive and strong system that is able to remove a whole range of air pollutants. It features two air inlets near the bottom, HEPA and photocatalyst filters, as well as an ultraviolet lamp in the middle, and one air outlet on the top. The polluted air firstly will be pre-filtrated by the HEPA filter to remove particles, and than sterilized by the photocatalyst filters to kill viruses and bacteria, finally fresh air will come out from the outlet.

In the car air purifier, the photocatalyst filters are built-in parts that don’t need to be replaced or renewed regularly since they are non-consumable, while the HEPA filter is detachable that it is packed independently. One car charger and micro USB cable are also included in the package. To meet different preferences, three color options – red, golden and grey for the air purifier will be available.

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