Smart & Advanced Power Strips

Life cannot be imagined without electricity and extra brownie points if someone can provide you with money-saving solutions out of your daily electricity consumption.

In the 21st century a major cost component for every household apart from food & accommodation is electricity and for some, it’s also a luxury. But with the advancement of technology, innovation, and research in the areas of renewable energy, electricity has now become a customary commodity as well as affordable for everyone irrespective of income and geography. Going renewable is a cleaner way of energy consumption but what if I say you can save more money by opting for smart and advanced power strips from Huntkey? Sounds Good? Let’s find out the details.

There is an Energy Sucking Vampire Load.! Are you aware?

Just like the blood-sucking vampires in Hollywood films, your electronic devices also have the ability to suck energy even in standby mode. According to experts from Electrical and Electronics domains worldwide, an average household shells out close to $150-$200 dollar per year due to vampire load.

How Smart Power Strips Can Help?

Smart power strips are again f various categories depending on their functionality and help in significantly reducing vampire load as well as surge protection. Modern day power strips can detect when an electronic device is in standby mode or in hibernation mode and thereby cutoff power ensuring energy and your hard earned money is saved.

All smart & advanced power strips listed on Huntkey site or by Huntkey follow DOE VI, ETL & FCC guidelines and provide surge and overload protection for your devices.

Types of Smart Power Strips Available

Based on their method to reduce vampire load, power strips can be of various types. Some are timer based, motion-based, remote switch based, master controlled & masterless. Move a step up and there are smart plugs also available in the market for single outlets with inbuilt Wifi and Bluetooth thereby enabling control at your fingertips through your smartphone.

Timer Power Strips

Imagine you have a habit of listening to your favorite playlist every night before going to bed but forget to switch off your music or entertainment system before you fall asleep. Happens right? Then Timer programmed power strips are best suited for you. Based on the programmed schedule or set time, the power strip would cut off the power supply to your music system and you can be rest assured there is no vampire sucking out energy from your home as well from your wallet.

Motion Detector Power Strips

Most energy efficient buildings have made motion detector power strips mandatory. Have you experienced lights going off of in a room when there is no human presence and all of a sudden lights lighting up whenever there is any sort of movement? That’s motion detector power strips. Motion-powered strips cutoff power supply or reduce supply whenever it senses no motion in the designated area or device. Idle for lamps and all kinds of lighting solutions. Not idle for computers.

Remote Controlled Power Strips

As the name suggests such power strips are remote controlled and the owner can use the remote to decide when to put power strips in energy saving mode. Only demerit you actually need to remember to use the remote when it is required.

Master Device Controlled Power Strips

All plugged devices are controlled through the working of the master device connected to the strips. In such cases, if the master device goes into standby mode then power to all other outlets is also cut off.

Masterless Power Strips

As the name points out, such strips are not connected to any master device, unlike its former counterpart. Here the strip automatically cuts off the power supply to all outlets once all connected devices are turned off or are in standby mode. Demerit is you have to actually turn off all connected devices to see the desired results.

Hybrid Options

When there is an option of plenty there is always a dilemma of selecting the most relevant option. In the case of Smart power strips, buyers do have an option of opting for hybrid solutions which is a mix of various functionalities along with independent ones.

Be rest assured if you set up your electronic equipment with the right kind of power strip, savings are guaranteed. After all, $200 a year is not a small amount and along with renewable energy combination, this is going to be the next big thing in the life of every household in the USA.

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