Security Cameras

Security is a prime concern for any household or workplace. When it comes to security we don’t want to compromise over anything and choose the best alternative that fits our requirements. In this fast pacing life, the need to stay safe is one of the necessity. With the recent technology drive shaping our lives, security cameras are a gift given to us by the latest advancements and introduction of intelligent devices. Smart products have brought a revolutionary change in our living patterns and simplified the processes that once seemed complex and unachievable.
Affordable security camera system is the best way to ensure your safety and also of your dear ones. There are multiple home security options available in the market with which you can keep a close eye and monitor your home/workplace and its surroundings easily. It is a tedious task to select the best and affordable home security camera system with so many options present in the market. If you are planning to install a suitable security camera system at your home, then you will need to have a complete market research one before and this can be a challenging task. We have handpicked and placed some of the best products prevailing in the market to help you out and guide you to choose the best product according to your preferences and needs.
Here is a list of Best affordable security cameras for your home and business
Netatmo Presence-
Netatmo presence is a weatherproof security camera equipped with some intelligent features. This advanced product is ideal for keeping an eye on your abode and any other properties as it provides an excellent image recognition system and is easy to install. With its sophisticated features, this product emits a security light whenever any motion is detected. It enables us to carry out 24-hour surveillance in high definition form. This product is a little pricey but worth every penny. Another additional feature that makes this product a huge hit and first in our list of best affordable security cameras for your home and business is its object recognition feature makes it distinct from the rest. This simply means that it can differentiate between various moving car, dogs and a person.
YI 1080p Home Camera-
This product is kid-friendly; in other words, its crying and motion detection feature is perfect for homes with young children and is best known as a nanny camera.  The detection is super fast and sends an immediate notification to your phone. With security in concern, this product is an amazing choice for placing it in a child’s room and monitor it from anywhere, anytime! The product is equipped with LED lights and helps you see in the darkness too. To support night vision this camera auto-detects dim light settings and even darkness and automatically turn on the IR for night visibility and undisruptive recording. This enables two-way communication and can be controlled with any smartphone compatible with both IOS and Android devices. In addition to such attractive features, the footage is stored in the YI cloud and can be retrieved easily.
Logi Circle-
This all-seeing eyeball camera is on number three in our list and is capable to record and edit the footage within its field of view. Logi circle eyeball camera can be an appealing option if you want to secure your home or keep a surveilling eye in your office. It can be easily installed and controlled using the companion app. It is a pretty handy product and can easily be placed in compact spaces, and is equipped with object detection. The design of Logi Circle and the companion app are brimming with captivating features that makes surveying process fun and much easier.  The simple, sleek and unobtrusive design of Logi Circle is impressive and its matte texture is a real show stopper. It can be accessed from both the platforms i.e Android and IOS and its flexible body allows us to get the desired range of view. Feel like having full control over the security of your home even when you are outside with this smart device.
Samsung SmartCam SNH-P6410NB-
This smart looking camera looks pretty due to its glossy texture and blends well in the surroundings due to its white color and compact shape. Samsung SmartCam is a power packed product and has a bundle of features to offer like full HD visuals, micro SD to backup the footage for retrieval purposes,  two-way communication, motion detention, immediate notification and many more. Monitor your property with a live view of your home or workplace with the SmartCam companion app. Scare off burglars and unwanted guests via built-in speakers and microphone for smooth communication and this product is well efficient if you want to monitor your baby. It is a flexible device and can be controlled using a wireless connection on both iOS and Android devices and can be synced with your Google account for further accessibility. The video quality is impressive as it goes up to 1080p resolution, as the images are vivid enough to recognize faces and alert the user on any motion detection. This is a sophisticated buy and in such attractive prices, it is a jackpot in the surveilling industry.
The marketplace is brimming with surveilling products and security cameras. Rummage through the above-given product and weigh out your requirements carefully before picking out one for you. In a nutshell, a best-serving security camera in today’s world will be one that includes intelligent features like wireless connectivity, HD picture recording and retrieving pathway along with unrestricted accessibility and an immediate notifying feature that eliminates any chances of mishaps.
Pick out the best for you and your dear ones and stay secure, ALWAYS!