Best Curved Monitors

Are you planning to buy an ultra-wide monitor? If you require extra screen either for work or play then you have to buy an extra display. In present times, the demand for curved monitors is rising day by day. Usually, huge screens are preferred by gamers and techies. Do you know which is the best ultra wide monitor and which one you should buy? Before purchasing any curved model, ensure that you have an adequate amount of desk space as the largest screens are heavy.

Now read more about the best ultra wide monitors which you can buy right now –

Samsung 49 inch CHG90

Various manufacturers have introduced 34″ display or even the 38″ version in the market. Samsung is the only brand that has formed an absolutely giant screen that is giving tough competition to others. Samsung49 inch CHG90 is large enough that easily fit three apps side by side and give you immersive gaming experience. These monitors are extremely good for entertainment as they come with explicit gaming features, a quick 1ms response time, FreeSync 2 technology, High Dynamic Range support.

LG 34UC98-W

LG 34UC98-W is one of its most highly-regarded models that comprises of IPS 3440 x 1440 display and several presets for quickly switching between gaming, theater, work. It is equipped with two seven-watt speakers that let the monitor produce remarkable sound with the excellent display. LG 34UC98-W comes with USB 3.0 port with fast-charging support for many mobile phones, two HDMI ports, two Thunderbolt 2 ports, and a Display Port.

LG 34UC79G

If you need multi-purpose curved display then LG 34UC79G is the paramount choice for you. This monitor comes with a magnificent balance of specifications which makes it equally good for editing spreadsheets, watching your favorite shows or playing games. Its height is adjustable and has the usual selection of HDMI, Display Port, USB, and audio ports. The 21:9 ratio has become ever more general for large curved monitors like these so you don’t need a high-powered graphics card to get first-rate gaming performance.

BenQ EX3200R

If you want to buy an inexpensive curved monitor that is equipped with essential features then BenQ EX3200R is the best option for you. The display of BenQ EX3200R is packed with a discreet design, high 144Hz refresh rate, good contrast, and height adjustability. FreeSync support is also included in these monitors which make BenQ EX3200R the surprisingly-good choice for gamers. BenQ EX3200R is a remarkable monitor that contains striking features and budget-friendly too.

Acer XR382CQK

Acer’s XR382CQX Curved Gaming Monitor’s display is specially designed according to gaming’s perspective. Acer XR382CQK is specially designed for gamers and photo editors. Its EyeProtect eliminates screen flickering and adds blue-light filtering. Acer XR382CQK’s

UltraWide QHD display tech adds 100% sRGB gamut 6-axis color adjustment. To provide excellent color reproduction, IPS technology helps a lot.

Samsung C24F390

The Samsung CF591 is the perfect ultra wide monitor on the market that will give you the full experience without breaking the bank. Of course, at just 27-inch diagonally the monitor isn’t exactly large enough to give you a wraparound effect as you get on a bigger model. Besides this, Samsung C24F390 is equipped with AMD’s FreeSync technology and the included 5w speakers are astoundingly upright.

Samsung C27F398

Another Samsung display in our collection is Samsung C27F398. Generally, it is seen that curved monitors come into their own at screen sizes of 30″ or wider, but Samsung’s C27F398 is perfect in all aspects. Samsung includes the “EyeSaver” technology which cuts down on blue light emissions along with an automatic brightness sensor to save power and eye strain. There is a standard 3.5mm jack through which you can plug headphones directly to the monitor.


There’s nothing understated about the monitor, from its size to the red logo that projects down from the base onto the desk below. The screen curve isn’t as distinct but it’s still enough to fill your trivial vision. Refresh rates, contrast ratios, color saturation, and accuracy are all excellent which you can’t expect at this price range. If your favorite game supports the panel’s 21:9 ratio, this 3440 x 1440 panel gives one of the most excellent gaming experience to you.


AOC C27G1 has a modest 1080p resolution and offering a blistering 144Hz revive rate for super smooth gaming. Its curve is attractive subtle too, and that’s usually the case on smaller size monitors, though 27″ is perfect for most desks. This monitor offer AMD Free Sync and latest Nvidia drivers through which users can run adaptive sync on it effortlessly.

Dell U3419W

Dell Ultra sharp U3419W contains an awesome combination of splendid picture quality, fantastic connectivity, and great build quality. By using two HDMI ports and a Display Port connector, users can effortlessly connect the display to a laptop. It has a KVM feature for connected devices too. Connect a particular keyboard and mouse to the USB upstream ports to manage two computers at once, both of which are visible at the same time via the Picture-By-Picture function. For graphics work, 10-bit color and 99% sRGB coverage means outstanding image quality too.

Dell Ultrasharp U3818DW

The Dell U3818DW is a huge, curved, 37.5-inch display. Picture-in-picture and twin input are supported, while there are Display Port and dual HDMI inputs. USB-C is also available for easier connectivity to new Macs, while there are also two upstream and four downstream ports for connecting peripherals to more than one PC or Mac.

These are the best ultra wide monitors which can satisfy your requirements for gaming or productivity. When looking at ultra wide panels, you should be looking at the resolution, port availability, as well as refresh rates and then pick the perfect one.