Huntkey, as a power supply partner for manned spaceflight technology, provided air purification services and stable charging equipment to participate in space experiments. Six volunteers participated in experiments that lasted for a month and was initiated by Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen). This activity ended successfully.


Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen) is a new research and development institution mainly engaged in popular science education and international cooperation of related technologies in the field of manned spaceflight. Huntkey is a leading power supply and consumer electronics brand in China. Huntkey had reached a partnership with Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen).

This experiment further expanded the understanding of the laws of human sleep and psychological changes in the simulated aerospace closed environment, and provided reference data for subsequent deep space exploration to ensure astronauts’ long-term flight on-orbit sleep and mental health.

Oucica KJ380 Participates in sleep test scenarios

Air Quality: Oucica Offers Air Purification Solutions

Oucica is a sub-brand of Huntkey. Oucica air purifier KJ380 adopts MaSSC photocatalyst technology, which basically has no consumables and does not produce secondary pollution, which effectively avoids the pollution caused by human beings in space. It is the innovation of Huntkey air purification technology, the important practice of Huntkey’s low carbon technology theme for many years, and also the technological progress of the air purification industry. Oucica can efficiently remove a variety of common indoor bacteria and viruses, including influenza A H1N1 virus, with a removal rate of up to 99.99%. It can provide a safe breathing environment for astronauts to work in space-closed cabins for a long time.

65W/100W NaG Fast Charger Participate in experimental testing
Power Strip SST307C Participate in experimental testing

Huntkey’s power strips have passed the experiment to ensure that the USB interface will not be affected by electromagnetic fields and generate interference signals, thereby avoiding voltage fluctuations and output fluctuations.

Huntkey single hand plug socket

Charging Efficiency: Huntkey Delivers Safe and Fast Charging

Aerospace equipment has strict technical requirements for electrical equipment. Under the “six core safety technologies”, Huntkey’s safe and fast chargers can provide a guarantee for electricity consumption in the special environment of space. These chargers use precise glue filling process and the heat dissipation effect is better.

At present, Huntkey has mass-produced aerospace-quality charging equipment for the market. As a manufacturer with a 27-year experience in power supply industry, Huntkey will continue to develop more useful products. Just like Huntkey’s vision, to become a respectable company by providing branded products and services of superior quality.

Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen) granted certificate officially

In the future, Huntkey will work with thousands of aerospace people create a space dream, carrying forward the spirit of innovation and hard-working, escort for national health!

About Huntkey

Founded in 1995, Huntkey is a leading provider of PC power supplies, power strips, surge protectors, laptop adapters, phone chargers, monitors and air purifiers. Huntkey is a member of Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) and China Power Supply Society (CPSS). Covering approximately 1,000,000 square meters added up from three industrial parks, Huntkey is one of the most famous brands and largest companies in mainland China. It is headquartered in Shenzhen. By 2022, Huntkey has been practicing low-carbon economy for more than ten years. Practicing a low-carbon lifestyle with Huntkey.





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