Shenzhen, China, July 27, 2020 — Oucica, a subsidiary of Huntkey, has released its portable air purifiers for global markets. The air purifiers are integrated with photocatalyst and HEPA filters for high-level purification efficiency.

Apart from big-size air purifiers, Huntkey has introduced portable air purifiers to the markets. They are designed with a compact body and categorized into two series – car air purifier and desktop air purifier. The car air purifier is modeled CJ001, which is specially made for car drivers who care about the air quality inside their car. The desktop air purifier is modeled DJ010, which is ideal for working or living rooms.

The CJ010 measures a dimension of Φ67*180mm and it is designed like a water cup that can be easily put in a cup holder. Its air volume is 3.6cbm/h. It features air inlets near the bottom and air outlets on the top, as well as a button on the top to control the air purification volume and speed.

The DJ010 is an egg-shaped air purifier, measuring a dimension of Φ108*160mm. Its air volume is stronger than the CJ010, which can be up to 10cbm/h. It is suitable for air cleaning for a room space of 8-10cbm. It features a standby consumption of lower than 200mW, as well as a noise level of 38dB(A) at the maximum.

The common feature of the CJ001 and DJ010 is that they are both integrated with photocatalyst and HEPA filters inside, and this is an effective way to enhance their filtering capacity. Photocatalyst is a non-consumable catalyst that can activate chemical reactions to effectively remove airborne hazards which can’t be filtered by HEPA filters. By decomposing airborne hazards into carbon dioxide and water, the CJ001 and DJ010 will leave the users with no secondary pollution concerns. For more product information, please visit: