Within the field of power supply, Huntkey is recognized as a market leader. Since 1996, the company has been manufacturing chargers of the highest possible quality for a broad range of consumer electronic devices. These chargers have been in production ever since. Power inverters, power supplies, and uninterruptible power supplies are a few examples of the products that Huntkey has available for purchase (UPS).
How Huntkey Make Sure Their Product Qualified?

Phone chargers offered by Huntkey go through a rigorous quality assurance method to assure that they are up to par with the industry’s most demanding specifications. Every charger goes through a battery of exhaustive tests right in the factory before being packaged up and shipped out to customers. During these inspections, elements such as precise voltage output, safety features, and overall performance are reviewed. Customers are only permitted to purchase chargers that have been successful in passing all of these tests. This ensures that you will get a charger that is not only secure to use but also suitable for usage with the device that you want to charge.

How does Huntkey ensure that their products are of the highest quality?

Before being shipped out to customers, phone chargers that have been manufactured by Huntkey are put through an extensive series of tests. These tests include but are not limited to  the following:

  1. Voltage check: The purpose of a voltage check is to confirm that the output voltage of the charger is within the allowed specifications. This is accomplished via the use of a voltage check.
  2. Current test: This test is carried out to verify that the output current of the charger falls within the permissible limits.
  3. Power test: The goal of this test is to verify whether or not the output power of the charger is within the permissible range.
  4. Efficiency test: This test is performed to determine whether or not the charger is capable of effectively converting electricity in a way that is specified by the test.
  5. Temperature test: This test is carried out to guarantee that the charger will not get unsafely hot when it is being used.


At Huntkey, we take the quality management of our phone chargers very seriously and do it by heart. Because we are the market leader in industrial DC power supply as well as consumer electronic devices, we are acutely aware of the fact that our customers depend on us to deliver a product of the highest possible quality to them. This ensures that their mobile devices are always fully charged and ready to be used. Because of this, we have a team of dedicated quality control specialists who conduct comprehensive tests on our goods before they are ever allowed to leave the plant. Products that have been granted certifications such as CE, UL, ETL, FCC, NOM, GCC,

RCM, and so on are ones that we are allowed to ship out to customers. With adhering to standards that are both strict and efficient, we continue to develop high-quality products that have a high degree of security, a high level of reliability, and an experience that provides an additional value for the user. You need not go any farther than Huntkey if you are in the market for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) phone chargers.