Curved monitors have become one of the mainstream elements in the current monitor market. We all know that curved monitors can give a different experience in the visual sensibility. The curvature of the curved screen can ensure the distance from the monitor to our eyes is equal, so that can bring a better visual experience. Curvature is a key parameter of a curved monitor, but what is the curvature?

Curvature actually refers to the degree of curvature of the screen and is the key parameter of the curved monitor. It is the rotation rate of the tangential direction angle to the arc length of a point on the curve, that is, the radius value of the curved screen. The curvature 4000R refers to the bending degree of a circle with a radius of 4m. Similarly, 3000R refers to the bending degree of a circle with a radius of 3m.

The value of the curvature determines the viewing experience of the curved monitor. The smaller the curvature value, the greater the amplitude of the bend. The curvature of the curved monitor from the early 4000R to the later 3000R, 2000R, 1800R and now the 1500R, the curvature is getting larger and larger, making the user’s viewing experience better and better.

For today’s users, immersion is a very important experience in our daily use. The smaller curvature value, the more obvious the feeling of immersion. Compared with ordinary flat-panel monitors, curved monitors bring a better sense of envelop while also provide a wider perspective.

However, the curvature value cannot be reduced blindly. The size of the LCD screen and user’s optimal viewing distance are also should be taken into consideration. If the curvature is too small, the screen will be significantly distorted and this will lead to a bad viewing experience. Therefore, the current mainstream 1800R is the most suitable, not only the bending is obvious, but also fits the arc of human eyes.

In general, curved monitors have shown many advantages in all aspects. The design of the human eye physiological curve not only gives users a better visual experience, but also relieves fatigue when the users are watching. At present, curved surfaces have become one of the mainstream designs in the monitor industry. We can expect that better curved monitors will bring more extreme viewing experience to users In the future.